Eye-Fi Pro X2 wireless SD card with endless memory

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Eye Fi Pro-X2
I didn’t mean for this series of CES 2010 posts to be so camera-heavy, but I couldn’t resist this. Eye-Fi have announced the new Eye-Fi Pro X2, an 8GB SD card with built-in WiFi.

Quite how they managed to cram the WiFi gubbins into an SD card is beyond me, but what it gives you is automatic uploading of your camera’s pics and videos to any of over 25 photo sharing Web sites, including Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Facebook and Evernote.

Similar in many ways to the existing Eye-Fi, the new ProX2 offers Endless Memory (oh if only!). What this nifty little feature does is to delete the photos it’s uploaded from the card, meaning you never run out of storage space – ever!

Imagine that – you can keep on snapping away all day, safe in the knowledge that your pics are being sent safely to the cloud.

Eye-Fi works by hunting for Wi-Fi signals. When it finds one that you have access to (it can store configuraiont details for 32 different networks), it’ll automatically upload your pics to the photo sharing site of your choice without you having to do a thing. No messy menus or buttons to push, nothing to remember – just automatic background uploading from any camera.

The new Pro X2 features WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for super-fast uploading on any WiFi network. You can also upload your pics directly to your PC or laptop if you wish via a desktop client that also comes with the card.

In addition, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 will let you upload RAW pics if you’re serious about your shots, and will even geo-tag them for you, as well as renaming them according to time and date. So not only do you not need to worry about uplaoding again, you don’t need to worry about finding your pics either!

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Eye-Fi will even notify you when uploading is complete via Facebook, Twitter, text message or email.

This is an incredible piece of technology, and given that I’ve just bought a Nikon D5000 (ah, so that’s why so many camera-related posts!), it’s something that I desperately want right now!

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will cost $149.99, but you can get cheaper versions from £50.

[Source: SlashGear]

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