Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV: the 3D WiFi Internet TV with PS3 Power!

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Toshiba have been showing off the Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV at CES 2010. The ZX900 has been so over-stuffed with features it’s difficult to know where to start!

But I’ll give it a go 🙂

First up, the clue’s in the name – CELL TV, which features the CELL Engine processor, a variant of the CELL Processor that powers the PS3. CELL Processors are absolute beasts. The power of the PS3 has always been huge and even now hasn’t pushed the limits of the CELL Processor beating at its heart.

Toshiba, who helped develop the original CELL Processor, have decided that maybe a superb top of the range 3D capable HDTV would push it a bit more.

Turns out it wouldn’t!

To be fair, the CELL Engine offers 143 times the processing power of other HDTVs, so it wasn’t going to get out of breath any time soon. So as well as some incredible HDTV specs, such as a 480HZ frame rate, Toshiba had to add a few other remarkable features to the TV, just to give the CELL Engine something to do!
Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV - 3D HDTV with PS3 power

HDTV Specs

CELL TV offers superb HDTV pictures thanks in part to Toshiba’s KIRA2 LED panel technology. According to Toshiba:

KIRA2 is positioned as “Twice as Bright!” as it has an amazing 1,000 cd/m2 brightness. In addition, KIRA2 also has 512 controllable zones (5X that of previous local dimming models) for precise control over black levels. This allows the KIRA2 to create an unmatched 9,000,000: 1 Dynamic Contrast, creating the ultimate picture quality package.

9,000,000:1 contrast ratio?! That’s incredible! It was only a year or so ago that HDTVs were boasting of 1,000,000:1 contrast ratios!

And if you hate wires, you can use the CELL TV Set Top Box, which streams all the content straight to the ZX900 via Wireless HD.

Enhanced Internet Content

That’s still not enough for Toshiba though, so they added Net Resolution+, which analyzes content from the Internet and cleans it up – in real time. This means you can watch crappy YouTube videos on your ZX900’s 65″ screen and see a clean picture, rather than the mess of pixels you sometimes get.


With all that power from the CELL Engine, there was nothing Toshiba could do to exhaust it with simple HDTV. So they decided to throw 3D into the mix as well.

The ZX900 supports MPEG4-MVC, RealD and other 3D formats, and splits the picture into two parts (one for the lef teye, one for the right eye), giving each part 120Hz.

Of course, there aren’t many 3D films or videos around at the moment. So the ZX900 will convert any 2D signal to 3D, again in real time!

Remarkable media features

Not content with making one of the best specified HDTV on the market, Toshiba threw a few other features at the CELL TV, desperate to defeat the CELL Engine powering it. For example:

Internet on your TV

The ZX900 is designed to bring everything you watch, from wherever it’s sourced, straight to the TV. Not only Blu-Ray discs and standard HD TV, but also anything you might have watched on your PC or laptop.

Only you don’t need your PC or laptop, as the ZX900 is equipped with an Ethernet port and 802.11n WiFi, so will connect to the Internet without the need for a PC.

To help you watch things from the Internet, the ZX900 comes equipped with Toshiba’s NetTV, a set of Internet-specific channels that provides instant access to films and content from Netflix, VUDU, and CinemaNow. Movies on demand whenever you want them.

But if you just want to listen to music, that’s OK too, as the ZX900 also comes with Pandora, letting you listen to all the music in the world on Pandora’s glorious music service.

Wireless media streaming from your PC

If you want to view things from your PC or laptop, though, then that’s covered too. The ZX900 is a Home Entertainment Server, allowing you to stream media straight onto its stunning super high-res display.

Terabyte of Storage

Want to store any content you’ve downloaded or streamed? No problem, the ZX900 comes with a 1TB Hard Drive. It also has a BD Player as well, in case you’d prefer to get your content from your existing library of Blu Ray discs

Transmit your content to any other device

As if all that wasn’t enough, the ZX900 can also transmit all your content from the hard disk to any other DLNA equipped device in the home. PCs, laptops, even mobile phones, all can share the content from your ZX900’s hard disk at the touch of a button.

Video conferencing too

And just one more thing (to coiin a phrase!) – the ZX900 also supports Video conferencing, and even cleans up the video signal using its Net Resolution+ system.

The undefeated champ!

Despite all of these attempts, Toshiba still were unable to defeat the CELL Engine. The ZX900 and the CELL TV system powering it are stunning examples of superb technology, and send Toshiba straight to the top of the HDTV league.

It’ll be available in 55″ and 65″ variants later in 2010, probably for a huge price.

[Source: Engadget]


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