Panasonic shows off Skype on HDTV in the lamest demo ever

7 January 2010 No Comment admin

Panasonic have been showing off Skype on their HDTVs at CES 2010. I say showing off – what they’ve actually been doing is inflicting pain on anyone watching the demo! Check the video after the jump and you’ll see what I mean.

They’ve hired some third rate actors to take part in what must be the lamest, most excrutiatingly embarrassing staged demo since the Truman Show gave us “nutritious and delicious!”

The technology looks cool. It’s all part of Panasonic’s VIERA CAST, which lets you access a host of Internet apps direct from the TV or other VIERA CAST-enabled gadget. In this case, it’s Skype and HDTVs. What the demo doesn’t show, though, is Skype being used in real-life. Quite how good Skype on your telly looks when its usual delays and jitter kicks in is anyone’s guess!

Hopefully if you do buy this system, your conversations won’t be quite as stilted, but then again, I’ve never had an easy free-flowing video chat on Skype, so who knows? Maybe this demo is just like real life (albeit without the jitter!)

Panasonic Skype HDTV
Annoyingly, the webcams cost $200 each on top of the cost of the TVs, which aren’t exactly going to be cheap. So although a number of Skype-enabled HDTVs have been announced at CES this year from Panasonic, LG and others, I can’t see video conferencing in the living room taking off anytime soon until the technology gets a whole lot cheaper.

[Source: Engadget]

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