Watch and control your TV from your mobile with the Monsoon Volcano sideloader

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The Monsoon Volcano is a cracking new piece of kit that lets you watch and control your TV from your mobile phone – no matter where you are in the world.

The system, shown for the first time at CES 2010, is similar to a SlingBox in that it placeshifts video content, letting you watch it whereever you are, rather than wherever your TV is.

You simply install the Monsoon Volcano Set Top Box in your home, connecting it both to your TV and the Internet, and install the Volcano app on your smartphone (it currently supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6 and Symbian devices).

You then sit back and relax; whenever you want to watch your TV, wherever you are, it’s there for you on your phone!

Monsoon Volcano media streaming application

Mobile Placeshifting

Just to make this a bit clearer, imagine you’re in a hotel, anywhere in the world, and are a bit bored. Your wife’s watching the Apprentice, and tweeting about it. You feel a bit lonely – not only do you enjoy the Apprentice, but you enjoy watching it with your wife, so the fact that she’s watching it while you can’t is bound to make you feel a bit low.

With the Monsoon Volcano, though, you can watch it with her. All the signals from the TV she’s watching are streamed to your smartphone over the Internet (either WiFi or 3G depending on whether you have a WiFi signal where you are), so you can watch exactly what she’s watching (albeit on a much smaller screen!)

If you want to be super-annoying, you can even change channels, as the Volcano offers full control over the TV at your home!
Monsoon Volcano placeshifting Set Top Box


Its features don’t end there though. You can also play back video from your PC, NAS or YouTube, letting you watch pretty much any video you want whereever you happen to be.

Monsoon are even planning on releasing an SDK for developers to create apps for the Volcano, similar to Boxee.

Monsoon will be selling the Volcano for $199 with 4GB of flash memory, or $299 with a 250GB hard drive option. It’s cracking technology, and if you’re the type who lives around your TV, gest bored really quickly, or just like the thought of being more connected with home if you travel a lot, it’s an essential bit of kit.

[Source: Engadget]


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