Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder boasts fire & forget sharability

25 August 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

Kodak, one of the biggest names in camera history has announced the new Kodak Playtouch pocket camcorder.

The Playtouch has full 1080p high definition recording for capturing those “oh my god” moments we all experience on some of life’s more um, lively nights out, and with the Playtouch you don’t need to mess around searching through the night’s footage when you have a hangover to be getting on with.
Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder
The Kodak has a blindingly obviously named “Share” button, and while the name isn’t imaginative, its use is – press Share after taking a picture or video and it’ll tag it for upload. So in the haze of next day, plugging the Playtouch into your PC will automatically fire off those pics of your mate doing something he shouldn’t straight to your social networking profiles.

This is what social gadgets are all about. Fire, forget, and share what you created with all your mates, with the absolute minimum of fuss.

While the Playtouch looks great for stitching up friends, it’s also pretty well specified – 1080p recording, 5mp camera for still images, a capacitive 3″ touchscreen LCD display, HDMI out, SD cards up to 32GB – the list goes on, showing Kodak are certainly serious about helping you film your fun!

The Kodak Playtouch release date is set for the autumn in a variety of colours including Smoke Gaze and Cabana (or black and orange to us regular folk), and will retail at $230 (approx £145).


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