Record, upload and playback video with YouTube Mobile and a Samsung Galaxy S

25 August 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

The web’s foremost video site, Google’s YouTube, has revamped its mobile site for the first time since its launch in 2007. Using the much hyped HTML5, the site is built from the ground up for modern smartphone browsers such as the WebKit-based browsers found on devices like the iPhone and Android phones.

Google claim to have made the site easier to navigate, with bigger, finger friendly buttons, and they even claim it’s a better experience than any device’s native app.
YouTube mobile
Since YouTube mobile’s launch in 2007, the mobile web has grown exponentially and we are now not only filming on the move, we are expecting to film it in HD and upload it to YouTube without ever seeing a computer. With a cutting-edge device like Samsung’s fantastic Galaxy S on YouTube’s new site, this is entitrely possible.

Check it out (on your iOS or Android handset) at


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