Got Sonos? Love Spotify? Get Excited!

3 September 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

What’s better than having one of the premier multiroom music systems in your home? How about a never ending record collection to go with it? That’sd what Sonos owners can now do, as the Sonos multiroom music system will now hook up with the £9.99 ad-free premium service available to Spotify customers, joining Last.FM to double up the system’s web interaction.

For those who don’t know, Sonos is a multiroom music system based around a controller and satellite players which streams songs from your PC or Mac, all around your house. The players can be as simple as a boombox type device – for the bedroom for example, to an amplified player (called a ZonePlayer), which can be connected to speakers directly – ideal for the games room – and other players that have no amplifier and are designed to connect direct into your bigger music systems, such as your home cinema.
Sonos wireless music system

All this is controlled through the dedicated Sonos touchscreen control, or if you want to put some money towards some cool speakers, then there’s free iPad, iPod, Mac and PC apps too.

Now Spotify has been added to Sonos, it really is a fantastic way to listen to practically any tune you can imagine (well, as long as it’s not The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or, oddly, King Crimson, nne of which are available on Spotify). I live in a small flat but even I want one!

Sonos isn’t a cheap option, but its combination of great quality sound, wireless freedom, and now an unlimited range of tunes to listen is pretty unbeatable for the audiophiles amongst you.


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