More details of Google Music reveals Xmas launch

7 September 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

Maybe Steve Jobs stole Larry Page or Sergey Brin’s sweets as small children or something, ‘cos Google sure want a big bit of Apple’s action. Not content with overpowering iOS with Android (it’ll happen, it’s inevitable) and taking on Apple TV with the impressive Google TV, those canny searchmongers are rumoured to be in talks with major record companies for a pre-Xmas launch of Google Music.

The main parts of the system are the rumoured iTunes-like music store for the usual preview and buying of digital music – not much new here. The other, clever part though is the idea of a cloud-based ‘digital locker’ for your other music.
Google Music Logo
Here you can upload tracks you already have and listen to them combined with your Google Music purchases anywhere you can gain access to the service. One of these places with most certainly be via an Android device, with this being the first cloud based service with user uploading – potentially extremely popular.

Apple could certainly replicate this, and to some degree will when it puts LaLa to work with streaming media, but it would go against their locked-in ethos and would require a large revamp of iTunes to accommodate uploading tracks to a user’s space.

Of course, Google’s reach is far further than Android, so we can expect to see this system on the various means of social interaction with Google (music recommendations through Buzz or screensavers while playing from Flickr for example or maybe even playing youtube as a part of your Google Music playlists), plus devices like the forthcoming Google TV will bring it into the front room.

Apple has had it quite easy for a while, with any challenges to their successful brands often falling by the wayside. But, as Android shows, when Google put their minds and their dollars to something, they can easily match the Infinity Loop inhabitants. I certainly wouldn’t want to be their rivals.


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