Sony Bravia firmware update adds BBC iPlayer to your HDTV

9 September 2010 2 Comments Ian McGurren

Sony have today released a firmware upgrade for their newer Bravia series of LCD TVs, adding the long awaited BBC iPlayer to the impressive range of internet services.

The iPlayer joins streaming video from Channel 5’s Demand 5 service, YouTube, LoveFilm and more, plus widgets that give access to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and even more to come.

Users from the UK’s AVForums have reported the update showing up for download on their TVs, but if you are the impatient (and brave) type, you can check out the update here.
Sony Bravia HDTV with iPlayer
Here’s a list of the lucky Sony TVs that are compatible with the new update:

  • KDL-32EX403 / EX503 / EX603 / EX703 / EX713 / NX503
  • KDL-37EX403 / EX503
  • KDL-40EX403 / EX503 / EX603 / EX703 / EX713 / HX703 / NX503
  • KDL-46EX403 / EX503 / EX703 / EX713 / HX703
  • KDL-52EX703
  • KDL-55EX503 / EX713
  • KDL-60EX703

If there’s one thing better than a shiny Sony HDTV, it’s one that keeps on updating itself – it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

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  1. All TVs with Bravia Internat Video have updates to support this. There are just different software versions for the the other products so they are separate downloads.

    If the TV is connected to the network and generally left in standby the update should have been automatic and occurred by now anyway.

    NX703, NX713, NX803, NX813 and LX903 are supported in all sizes in addition to the models listed above.

  2. How long does the update take to come, I’ve had my tv a few days, left it in standby but the iplayer still says it needs an update to work. The only system update option on the menu says on.

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