Cool media phone but no DLNA or HDMI? HTC Tube to the rescue

21 September 2010 One Comment Ian McGurren

Got an awesome Android phone with excellent media capabilites like 720p video recording or HD playback? Ever use them? No? Sure you don’t – just who does want to faff around with memory cards or cables and transfers that take ages?

Well HTC hears ya loud and clear, and is bringing out the HTC Tube – no, not a phone for once but a clever box that adds DLNA streaming capabilities to your DLNA-less device such as the HTC Desire or the HTC HD2, or even other Android handsets.
HTC Tube
Using the Tube you can now wirelessly stream your videos to your TV through the Tube’s HDMI out – excellent for showing those interesting holiday videos to the family or just big screen films if you’ve loaded them onto your phone.

Bringing wireless HDMI to your phone with HTC’s Tube, the portable media centre phone just got more interesting.

Here are the specs for the HTC Tube:
HTC Tube Media Link DLNA device

[Source: SlashGear]


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  1. No you got it wrong. If the phone dosen’t have native support you wont be able to use this. What the box does is quite the opposite: it allows for DLNA streaming from a DLNA phone to a NON DLNA TV…not the other way around
    check here:

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