Nvidia tips smartphones to replace set top boxes

27 September 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

Nvidia chief Jen-Hsun Huang has been peerin ginto his crystal ball, and one thing he tips is the smartphone of the future replacing your set to box.

“It’s a foregone conclusion that the personal computer of the future is this size,” said Huang, holding up his smartphone. “You could add wireless HDMI to it someday, and it could also be your set-top box.”

That day may not be too far away. With DLNA-equipped smartphones already able to control DLNA-equipped HDTVs, and with 4G technology maturing nicely, 1080o HD video streams will soon be able to be streamed directly onto your smartphone in a couple of years’ time.

All you’ll need then is for the phone to route the stream through to your TV, and you have the vision that Huang predicts.
Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang

Nvidia’s vision for the future

That wasn’t all Huang foresaw at his company’s annual conference, though. Recognizing the impact of the smartphone, he tipped ARM (the company ultimately responsible for nearly all the chips in current smartphones) to replace Intel as the “…most important CPU architecture of the future…”

I don’t think this is idle speculation, either, even though Nvidia in currently in a patent dispute with Intel. Think of all the different media devices we blog about here on MediaMentalism, and nearly all of them are getting mobile. Indeed, if you look at Samsung’s latest cameras, with their touchscreens, GPS and WiFi, and it’s hard to tell them apart from of their mobile phones!

As these gadgets adopt more and more of the same features and components as mobile phones, they’ll soon start using beefy CPUs – and most mobile CPUs use ARM’s architecture, not Intel’s.

So an increasingly mobile phones, driven ultimately by ARM not Intel. The world’s changing as ever, but the scale of this change could be huge!

[Source: EETimes]


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