Denon RCD-N7: The iPhone-controllable Wi-Fi Hi-Fi with AirPlay support

29 September 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

Denon, the Japanese purveyors of fine hi-fi, have just announced the Denon RCD-N7 “Network CD Receiver”, a name which does nothing to reveal the glorious Appley nature that underlies this beast of a music system.

At first glance, it seems to be just a normal CD player and amp, albeit with an iPod dock on top of it – but that in itself is nothing unusual. Scratch under the surface, though, and you’ll find a surprising list of connectivity features that make the RCD-N7 one of the most connected hi-fi systems you can get your hands on – and as it’s from Denon, you can bet the sound’s extremely impressive as well.
Denon RCD-N7 CD receiver

The Denon RCD-N7 features

OK, so what’s so special about the RCD-N7? Well, in addition to its traditional role of being a CD player, it’s also got a 65W amp, an iPod dock, a USB input for plugging your MP3 players into it, a radio, and support for a wide range of audio formats, including FLAC.

And then it has something just a little bit special.

Like built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA, and support for Windows Media Player version 11, Apple AirPlay and Internet Radio.
iPhone-controllable Hi-Fi

What this means is that you can stream your tunes directly from your PC, Mac, iPhone and iTunes, and have the tunes played through the RCD-N7’s crystal clear audio circuits, before being pumped out by its beefy amp.

Better still, you can download an app for your iPhone or iPod that controls the RCD-N7 remotely, letting you use your iPhone or iPod as a remote control.

In short, the Denon RCD-N7 is what all small hi-fi units should have been for the past five years! Happily, Denon at least have caught on, and so hopefully this will be the start of an increasing number of ultra-connected, socially aware Hi-Fi systems.

[Source: Akihabara News]


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