Flip UltraHD preview – still the perfect pocket-cam?

1 October 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

The Flip Video pocket camcorder has been with us a for a while now, but it’s just been given a bit of a revamp, and emerged as the new Flip UltraHD range.

There are two models in the 2010 UltraHD range – the UltraHD 1hr and UltraHD 2hr, but there’s more than recording time to differentiate them.

The 1hr model becomes the more basic version of the two, with much the same features of last year’s UltraHD but with reduced recording time and also a reduced price.

It’s still a simple point-and-shoot video camera, ideal for those who want to fire and forget and get it on the web without pain – if that’s what you want, the Flip UltraHD 1hr is still “the simplest way to shoot and share videos online” according to CNET.

The new improved Flip UltraHD 2hr

Flip UltraHD Review
It’s the 2hr model that gets the new features though, with an improved recording frame rate to 60 frames per second, image stabilisation so the playback isn’t stomach churning plus the new Flip-port – a mini USB-like interface for attaching “made for Flip” devices such as microphones, lights and more (even new lenses!), expanding the Flip’s uses that little bit more, allowing it to grow with your abilities and making it an interesting one to keep an eye on.

The FlipShare software has also had a slight update to it, adding Twitter to the list of Social Media it’ll work with (currently including Facebook, MySpace and YouTube). There’s also the Flip Channel – another way to share videos with you friends, including email alerts.

Flip have also introduced a personalisation process to make your UltraHD even more personal. This is done by simply sending Flip an image and this will be plastered all over your UltraHD making it as individual as you like, or as your imagination will let you! You can also design your cover on their site using the pattern generator if art isn’t your strong point.

Will the Flip UltraHD succeed?

Will the new Flip UltraHD be as big a success as its predecessors? Well, it’s in a tougher field this year, with devices like Sony’s Bloggie Touch coming soon as well as Kodak’s PlayTouch, but the Flip has the advantage of an excellent heritage and great, easy software. CNet were certainly “…once again impressed with the clip quality produced by this little cam”, and with updates like the Flip-port, it should go along way to keeping it near the top of the pocket video camera list.

[Source: CNet]


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