Leaked pictures of Sony’s Google TV – the Sony Bravia NSX-46GT1

5 October 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

This is the first picture of the Sony Bravia GT1, the first HDTV with Google TV built-in. Sony will officially launch the TV next week, but Best Buy managed to inadvertently show it off through a demo they were doing during a press event last week.

We know a fair bit about Google TV – enough to know that’s a seriously sexy bit of kit thaty genuinely could revolutionise TV (and how often have we heard that?!). But until now, we haven’t known that much about the TV itself.

This has been largely due to most of the attention bein gon Logitech’s Revue, which is Google TV in a Set Top Box, and thus able to bring Google TV to any telly.

Having Google TV built-in to the TV itself, though, offers both pros and cons – one of which could be the picture quality! Fortunately, it’s a Sony Bravia, so the picture shouldn’t be a problem.
Sony Bravia NSX-46GT1 with Google TV
And although we haven’t seen the picture quality first hand, now we know a little more about the GT1, we cna start to get a feel for what’ll be on offer when it’s announced officially on October 12th.

Sony Bravia NSX-46GT1 Google TV details

First up, it’s a 46″ LED TV that uses LED edge lighting. Black front, white back, chrome stand and rather sexy looking, as you’d expect from a Sony HDTV.

There’s a USB slot in the back, which the TV can use to pull pictures, videos and other content from a USB stick. There’s also an Ethernet connection, at least 2 HDMI ports, WiFi and a plethora of other ports.

You can use Google TV to search for programmes to watch, either via the usual cable or satellite, or from the Web, via YouTube, NetFlix or even videos stored on your PC.

You can control the GT1 either through Sony’s remote control, or through an Android or iPhone app, which has “seriously cool” written all over it (not literally, but let’s face it, it does!)

There’s also the Google Chrome browser built-in, so you can surf the Web and your TV at the same time.
Sony Bravia GT1 - HDTV with Google TV

Google TV release date – imminently!

But we know all this already! What we to see is the actual service and the actual TV, live and up and running!

Fortunately, we won’t have too long to wait. Logitech are expected to launch the Logitech Revue Google TV sTB tomorrow (6th october), with Sony following next week on the 12th October with the GT1. Then we’ll get a real feel for whether or not TV really is about ot be revolutionised.

And then we in the UK just have to hope that Google TV is launched in the UK before Christmas, because I really really want one!

[Source: HDGuru]

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