Panasonic MW-20 adds a new twist to the photo frame – music!

7 October 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

Are you one of those people who has a bedroom full of tech bits and bobs like digital photo frames, a Hi Fi, iPod docks, a clock radio? Well how about if you could roll them all up into one (reasonably) handy device? Panasonic may have the answer to your prayers with the new Panasonic MW-20.

The MW-20 is the follow up to the MW-10 (clever!) multimedia audio system photo frame – that’s Panasonic’s tag line, not mine – and offers a souped up take on its older brother at the expense of the CD player.
Panasonic MW-20 multimedia photo frame

What is a multimedia audio system photo frame?

Looking less like a tiny TV and now more like a very sleek photo frame, the MW-20 plays photos from its 2GB internal memory, an SD card and any attached iPod/iPhone device.

Panasonic claims the MW-20 supports video playback, but annoyingly doesn’t elaborate on what formats it accepts.

The MW-20 will also play music from your iDevice through the frames built-in 5.6″ speaker, although there doesn’t appear to be any stereo out so you’ll have to appreciate the unit’s inbuilt DSP to make the most of the sound.

It’s a sleek setup, executed with the usual Panasonic panache, and although there are similar devices like the Elonex Cube 3 and Sony’s ICF-CL75iP, the MW-20 is certainly worth casting your ears and eyes over this Chrismas.

It’s slated for $249 in late November with a UK release date to be announced.

[Source: Slashgear]


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