Samsung develops its own rival to Google TV and Apple TV

22 October 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

Smart TVs have suddenly become very big news, with both Google and Apple slugging it out to be the king of the app-enabled Web TV. But they won’t have it all their own way, though – not if Samsung has anything to do with it.

The South Korean electronics giant is working on bringing its developing a single software platform for both its smart TVs and mobile phones, thereby seamlessly merging its powerful smartphones, tablets and TVs into one Samsung-powered eco-system.
Samsung Bada TV

Samsung’s strategy

Both Google and Apple have already doen this to a degree. Google has just released Google TV through its partners Logitech and Sony, which puts Android on the telly, and lets you control your Google TV with your Google smartphone (or your iPhone for that matter – Google’s very open about these things!)

Apple, too, has Apple TV, which you can also control via your iPhone.

Now Samsung have joined the frey, although it’s nto clear whether their new platform will be their own Bada or Google’s Android.

“What’s Bada?”, I hear you cry…!

Samsung’s Bada

Bada is Samsung’s own mobile OS, developed specifically by the company to give it maximum control over its phones after it decided to drop Nokia’s Symbian. First released on the Samsung Wave phone back in June 2010, Bada hit a huge roadblock in the shape of the massively successful Samsung Galaxy S – another Samsung phone that’s much better than the Wave, but which runs on Google’s Android.
Samsung Bada

Embarassingly for Samsung, they built an Android-powered phone that’s much better than their own phone running on their own OS! Thuis doesn’t augur well for a Bada-powered TV!

However, the company is undeterred.

“We have a plan to have a single platform for Samsung TV and phones,” Kyungsik Kevin Lee, vice president at Samsung’s Visual Display Division, told Reuters in an interview. They have the power to do it, as well, as they, LG and Sony are the only companies that are big players in the TV and mobile market.

I doubt if it can succeed, though. Although I don’t doubt that the TVs will sell, a Bada-powered TV platform will never be able to establish itself as the dominant platform, as Bada will never be able to compete with Android or Apple.

Still, competition’s never a bad thing!

[Source: Reuters]


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