How to create your own personal Flickr

11 November 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

Sharing photos online is the perfect way for your friends and family to see your latest exploits. But what if you don’t want them to see all of your photos? What if you want your family to see some of your photos, while your friends get to see a whole lot more?

Online photo sites such as Flickr are perfect for sharing your pics with your friends wherever they happen to be, but how do you make sure your photos are seen only by the people you want to see them?

The fact is that online photo services are not a perfect solution for everyone.

There are privacy issues, security issues, and cost issues (Flickr’s not free for example. If you need to upload any more than 100MB a month – which is just 10 photos from a 12 megapixel camera in RAW format – you’ll need to start paying $25 a year), not to mention the issue of what happens to all your pics if the whole site suddenly goes down or the company goes out of business.

So what can you do? How can you get the same photo sharing capabilities that Flickr gives you while retaining much more control over your photos?

The answer is to buy the Western Digital My Book Home Network Storage box and create your own Flickr at home using Western Digital’s brand new iPhone and Android apps.

Let’s see how it works.
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How to use the WD My Book to share your photos in your home

The WD My Book range is a set of home network storage boxes with huge capacities. The WD My Book World Edition, for example, comes with 1TB of storage space, while the WD My Book Live comes with a whopping 2TB of storage space.

Once you’ve connected the My Book to your network, every machine on that network can access any of the files stored on it.
Western Digital My Book Network Attached Storage
But don’t worry about copying the files over – the MyBook will automatically back up any file or folder – or even your whole hard drive – that you tell it to. Once backed up, all these files, photos and videos can be viewed by anyone connected to your network, letting you share your media wherever you are in the house (and don’t worry – you can restrict access if you need to!)

How to share your photos across the Web

Of course, sharing photos across your home is all very well, but Flickr lets you share them across the Web as well.

So does the My Book! Using the My Book’s secure remote access feature, you can access your files from anywhere that has an Internet connection, whether you’re at work or on the other side of the world!

How to share your photos on your mobile phone

It gets better, though! Using WD’s new WD Photo Viewer app for iPhone or Android smartphones, you can view all of your pics from your mobile phone. All photos are automatically resized for optimal viewing on your phone, and there’s a smart filtering feature that lets you find exactly the photos you want quickly and easily.
Western Digital WD Photos viewer app
You can even share your pics to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa or email with just a single click, giving you the best of both worlds!

Your own personal Flickr

Western Digital have knocked the ball out the park with the My Drive range. They’ve turned a simple network backup solution into your own personal Flickr, and created a device that not only gives you the peace of mind of securely backing up all your precious memories, it lets you share them with your friends wherever you are in the world.

It really is your own personal Flickr – but with much more control.

Check out the WD My Book and My Book Live now.


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