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Nov 1, 2008

Sub aquatic listening with Speedo AquaBeat

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Speedo AquaBeat Waterproof MP3 player

Any exercise can get a little dull without your favourite bit of music to keep you going, so a small MP3 player has become a common site in gyms. It is all well and good to strap a MP3 player to your arm and go for a job but there are a few problems if […]

Oct 30, 2008

How to watch free internet television

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So you want to watch something but you haven’t got the DVD and it is not on TV right now? Fancy watching what you want for free and right now? Thankfully the internet is a wondrous place and comes to your rescue. There are a plethora of sites out there on the World Wide Web […]

Oct 2, 2008

Mind reading music player

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I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sound track to my life, like they do in movies. When I am happy and it is sunny I can stroll down the street to something cheerful where as when I am in a mood I would hear something equally glum. Musinaunt, a […]

Oct 1, 2008

Phillips Flavours LCD TVs change with your mood

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phillips flavours LCD

A new range of LCD televisions from Phillips are intended to have a fresh and vibrant look. Phillips isn’t concentrating on creating thinner HDTVs or advancing the technology; instead the Dutch electronics manufacturer believes we are fickle, changeable bunch so have launched a range of LCD TVs with interchangeable frames. The frames are held on […]

Sep 28, 2008

AirCurve: Music without speakers or wires

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AirCurve iPhone Dock

I know the couple of entries have been relating to the iPod and iPhone but I promise we are not turning into fan boys, there are just some interesting accessories appearing on the market recently. This iPod docking station from Griffin is no exception. The AirCurve for the iPhone and iPhone 3G is described as

Sep 28, 2008

iPhone powered by the sun

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solar powered iPhone case

Solar power, coud it be the answer to our power crisis? Well no, it is not efficient enough yet but it will charge your iPhone in less than 3 hours. A solar powered iPhone leather case has gone on sale and hopes to be the answer to the iPhones shocking bad battery life. The case […]

Sep 26, 2008

Mental chargers: iPod and iPhone chargers with a difference

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iYo YOYO iPod charger

iYo YOYO We saw the iYo YOYO (pictured above) and memories of our childhood came rushing back, yoyos are versatile toys; you can walk the dog, go around the world and now you can even charge you iPod or iPhone with one. The Swedish designer Peter Thuvander has taken your average yoyo added a little […]

Sep 25, 2008

Lyra Slider: The first PMP to use sliding technology

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Lyra Slider PMP

Mobile phones have been using the concept of sliding for a long time but it has never caught on in the portable media player arena before. Well this is about to change with the new Lyra Slider, a basic PMP which has used the concept of a sliding front to shrink in size without having […]

Sep 23, 2008

How many WiMo devices does it take to display an image?

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Mobile device collaboration

When you think of you average Windows Mobile device what would you conceder to be the areas which require development and could be improved? Maybe the battery life or the performance

Sep 22, 2008

Unboxing the new Samsung Omnia

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Samsung Omnia

“Unboxing” has been with us for a while and its format is widely known and accepted by tech geeks around the world. It is very exciting to open a new gadget and it is the trend at the moment to share that with the world wide web. So why pick out this one…? In short […]