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Mar 11, 2009

Beyond Twitter: How to use GeoBlogging to catch the next social media wave

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Micro-blogging with sites like Twitter is so 2008. The latest trend for the 2009 social media rockstar is to show the world where you are and where you’ve been. It’s now possible to capture not just the time, but your precise location from all manner of different devices, and publish any content you take on […]

Jan 31, 2009

How to make money with online video

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how to succeed with online video

If you love making videos, want to make money from them and become the next YouTube superstar, then success and riches are just an upload away. If only it were that easy! Fortunately, I’ve created a guide on how to succeed with online video, which shows you how to use your video camera, the dozens […]

Jan 23, 2009

The best YouTube cameras to make you a YouTube Superstar

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How to be a YouTube superstar

In the first of our Social Media Mentalism series, I’ll show you the gadgets you need to become a YouTube superstar. Not just YouTube though – there are dozens of sites like you YouTube that let you upload your Web video and become Internet famous. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make YouTube […]

Nov 25, 2008

How to create creepy speakers

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Munny Speaker

A little while ago we wrote about the SpeakerBuddy which reminded us of a cowering child with a hoodie (not sure what that says about our state of mind) but kitting out your Hi-Fi with little people shaped speakers can be a bit on the pricy side. With the recession looming we all need to […]

Oct 30, 2008

How to watch free internet television

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So you want to watch something but you haven’t got the DVD and it is not on TV right now? Fancy watching what you want for free and right now? Thankfully the internet is a wondrous place and comes to your rescue. There are a plethora of sites out there on the World Wide Web […]

Aug 1, 2008

How to use your iPhone as a wireless modem

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tether you iPhone

You are out and about with your laptop and want to access the internet, maybe to write a blog entry or you have some other work to do. Slight problem, there are no WiFi hotspots anywhere near you! You could do the stuff on your iPhone but it lacks a decent text editor and it […]

Jul 23, 2008

How to make an iPhone/iPod stand

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iPhone stand

Not all the versions of iPod/iPhone come with their own stand as standard so the industrious users at instructables have come up with several homemade solutions. You could go out and buy a stand from the shops relatively cheaply, but you could make your own for less money and have more fun doing it. There […]

Jul 22, 2008

How to improve your HDTV's picture quality

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Your HDTV is meant to have an amazing image quality but the chances are it is not as good as it could be. Unless you have calibrated your HDTV it will not be performing to the best of its potential. You could shell out a few hundred to get a professional to do it for […]

Jul 11, 2008

How to create a Wii media center

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The Nintendo Wii is very nice to look at and its unique controller system makes it extremely cool to play, but it does lack some features which other consoles have. One of these being an ability to connect directly with other devices on your network and stream photos, videos or music from them. Here is […]

Jul 4, 2008

How to create an iPod in Paint

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Here’s a bit of fun for the end of the day. Who said Microsoft Paint was pointless?