Dec 14, 2010

3 award winning iPod docks

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Arcam rCube

iPod docks have been around almost as long as the iPod itself, but some are head and shoulders above the rest of the field. We’ve rounded up three very different iPod docks that blast your tunes out at neighbour-annoying volume and – crucially – keep the quality of the music exactly as it was intended. […]

Dec 2, 2010

Marantz Melody Media M-CR603 – the perfect music system for network audiophiles

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Marantz Melody Media M-CR603

The gloriously-named Marantz Melody Media M-CR603 not only delivers great sound quality, pumped out at 50W per channel, it’s also one of the most flexible one-box CD receivers on the market. Not only does it come with the usual equipment you’d expect of a Marantz receiver – CD, radio and amp – it’s also got […]

Dec 2, 2010

Onkyo CS-545UK – a Hi-Fi iPod dock that won’t break the bank

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Onkyo CS-545UK

The great thing about the Onkyo CS545-UK is its simplicity and size. Although it looks like a proper Hi-Fi separate, it’s actually not that much bigger than your iPod. Its screen is clear, but you can also plug it into your TV if you want to see the menu more clearly. Best of all is […]

Dec 2, 2010

Denon Ceol – the coolest Network Music System on the planet

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Denon Ceol network music player

Denon have been making cool-looking great-sounding Hi-Fi mini-systems for years, and now they’ve brought the concept firmly into the 21st Century with this, the gloriously white Denon Ceol Network Music System. Featuring an iPod dock, as you’d expect, the Ceol will also stream your tunes wirelessly from your PC or laptop, hook up to your […]

Nov 4, 2010

5 of the best Internet Hi-Fis and Wireless Sound Systems

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Sony CMTMX750Ni DAB Micro HiFi

Internet Hi-Fis and Wirelss Sound Systems have evolved from the old Hi-Fis of yesterday. Whereas yesterday’s Hi-Fis used to have cassette tapes and record decks, today’s are high quality iPod docks, MP3 streamers and complete Interent music systems. But tracking down the best of these Internet Hi-Fis is not easy. Some are simply gimmicks, with […]

Sep 29, 2010

Denon RCD-N7: The iPhone-controllable Wi-Fi Hi-Fi with AirPlay support

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Denon RCD-N7 CD receiver

Denon, the Japanese purveyors of fine hi-fi, have just announced the Denon RCD-N7 “Network CD Receiver”, a name which does nothing to reveal the glorious Appley nature that underlies this beast of a music system. At first glance, it seems to be just a normal CD player and amp, albeit with an iPod dock on […]

Sep 3, 2010

Got Sonos? Love Spotify? Get Excited!

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Sonos wireless music system

What’s better than having one of the premier multiroom music systems in your home? How about a never ending record collection to go with it? That’sd what Sonos owners can now do, as the Sonos multiroom music system will now hook up with the £9.99 ad-free premium service available to Spotify customers, joining Last.FM to […]

Aug 23, 2010

6 gadgets to bring Last.FM into your Living Room

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gadgets to stream Last.FM to your Hi-Fi

Last.FM is an intelligent Internet Radio station that streams millions of tunes, tailored to your tastes, direct to your PC for free. But what if you want those tunes piped through your expensive home HiFi instead? Simple: get one of these 5 glorious gadgets that stream Last.FM to your stereo, and the perfect radio station […]

Jan 13, 2010

Video: the best JVC iPod gadgets from CES 2010

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JVC Kaboom with iPod dock

JVC have launched a plethora of iPod-related products at CES 2010, from standard iPod speakers to HDTVs complete with iPod docks. Not just iPod, either – they’ll also fit the iPhone, if that’s your Apple gadget of choice. Here, in no particular order, are just some of the best JVC iPod products on offer at […]

Feb 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson AB900 perfects wireless car audio streaming

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Sony Ericsson AB900 wireless audio streamer

Nothing annoys me more than having my tunes in one place (my PC) and my audio equipment somewhere else entirely – like my car, for example. Sure, I can transfer my tunes onto my MP3 player or my mobile phone, but if I want to listen to them on my car stereo, which doesn’t come […]