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Sep 9, 2007

Philips Streamium WAC3500D – now with added good looks

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Philips Streamium WAC3500D

Philips have announced a new model in their wireless Streamium range. The new Philips Streamium Wireless Music Center WAC3500D (great name!) combines a traditional stereo with wireless downloading and playback of tunes more typical of a PC. OK, so all Streamium’s do this, but the new WAC3500D differs from its predecessors in that it looks […]

Sep 7, 2007

iPhone and iPod media streaming through your house

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iPort iPhone in-dock media streamer

The iPod and iPhone are great music gadgets, but they’re somewhat, well, solitary creatures. Sure, you can stuff thousands of tunes on them, but only you can hear them. You could buy some speakers and dock the music players into those, but then you’ve negated the whole point of a personal music player – it’s […]

Apr 4, 2007

Kyocera Blutooth Music Gateway connects mobile phones to Hi-Fis

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Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway

Kyocera have released the Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway, a novel media streamer that wirelessly connects your mobile phone to your Hi-Fi via Bluetooth. The Kyocera Music Gateway connects to your Hi-Fi via a standard RCA connector, and can peer with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth A2DP standard, you can then stream your […]

Mar 30, 2007

Motorola T605: a wireless media streamer for your car

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Motorola T605 in car media streamer

Motorola announced the Motorola T605 Automotive Music & Hands-free System at CTIA 2007 this week. The T605 is, as its name suggests, an automotive music and hands-free system for mobile phones. Put another way, it lets you stream music from your mobile phone over Bluetooth onto your car stereo, while also acting as a hands-free […]

Mar 30, 2007

Sony TDM-NC1 Wi-Fi music streaming brick

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Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer for Bravia home theatre systems

Sony have been showing off their new Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer. Shaped like a sleek black brick, the TDM-NC1 performs a similar function to the Squeezebox: it streams your tunes from your PC to your home theatre system wirelessly. The TDM-NC1 has the added advantage of not only looking super-cool, but bledning in perfectly with […]