Feb 19, 2007

Sharp AQUOS Media recorder with 1 Terabyte Hard Disk

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Sharp AQUOS DV-AC60 media recorder

Sharp have announced five new AQUOS media recorders, one of which, the Sharp DV-AC60, comes fully loaded with 1TB’s worth of storage. The media recorders come with DVD player, hard disk and up to 3 TV tuners (two digital, one analogue), plus Sharp’s innovative new IrSS (IrSimpleShot) technology, which lets you transfer pictures directly from […]

Feb 18, 2007

Disposable mini stereo copies CDs to USB keys

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Exemode CDR-300 mini Hi-Fi stereo system

If you have loads of CDs that you want to export to an SD card or USB key, you can either use your PC with appropriate card reader hardware, or buy this, the Exemode CDR-300. The CDR-300 is a new mini stereo system featuring CD player, FM/AM radio, SD card slot and USB port, and […]

Feb 9, 2007

Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo with Ethernet

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Onkyo BR-NX10 stereo

The new Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo comes with one input not normally found on your average home HiFi: an Ethernet port! Use it to plug the BR-NX10 into your home network, and download tunes from Sony’s AnyMusic music store. You can save them on the stereo’s own internal 80GB hard drive, or else rip your CDs […]

Feb 1, 2007

Okoro OMS-GX300 mental media center

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Okoro OMS-GX300 media centre PC

Okoro have released what must be the most extreme media center yet developed: the Okoro OMS-GX300. Following hot on the heels of the launch of Windows Vista, and showing off Microsoft’s new Operating System’s media capabilities to the full, the OMS-GX300 is a PC in a super-cool (and distinctly non-beige) box, featuring some super high-end hardware for complete home entertainment.

Jan 25, 2007

Lasonic Ghetto Blasts back to the 80s

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Lasonic Ghetto Blaster boombox

What’s that coming over the hill…is it a boombox? Well, yes, but not like any boombox you’ve ever seen before (or, if you’re under 30, probably not like any boombox you’ve seen…ever!). This is the Lasonic Ghetto Blaster in all its garish 80’s gloriousness.

Jan 24, 2007

Grumpy TV with bad ass attitude

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Takara-Tomy portable TV

Takara-Tomy have announced a new portable TV with one very interesting feature: it comes complete with its very own nagging character, who starts off chiding you for changing channels too often, and suggesting grumpily that the screen’s too bright, before becoming more friendly over time the more you use it. To begin with, the character, […]

Jan 23, 2007

Samsung cut the wires off its HP-T5894W Plasma TV

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Samsung HP-T5894W Wireless Plasma TV

Samsung announced the Samsung HP-T5894W wireless TV at CES 2007 last week. The HP-T5894W (couldn’t they have thought of a better name?!) is an interesting combination of wireless media streamer and TV. Most media streamers wirelessly connect to your PC, and plug-in to your TV to deliver content already downloaded . In contrast, the Samsung […]