Jan 13, 2011

Sony TX100V CyberShot camera goes all 3D

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Sony TX100V Cybershot camera

Sony were showing off their new range of CyberShot cameras, which for 2011 are capable of taking 3D pictures and showing the pics on your shiny new Sony BRAVIA 3D TV. The best of the bunch is the Sony TX100V, which not only takes 3D pics using only a single lens, it also takes automatic […]

Jan 13, 2011

Casio Tryx – super-social camera helps you stand out from the Facebook crowd

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Casio TRyx camera

The Casio Tryx is a 12 megapixel camera with an odd twist – it’s got a twistable handle that lets you hold it at uniquely different angles so you can take photos of yourself for Facebook, MySpace and the like that look completely different from every other user’s headshot.

Jan 13, 2011

Casio EX-ZR100 shoots 1,000fps video for budget super slow-mo

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Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 camera

The amazing Casio EX-ZR100 is a full-featured stills camera with a very impressive trick up its sleeve – it can shoot photos at a rate of 40 shots per second at 10 megapixels, and can shoot video at an unbelievable 1,000 frames per second (albeit at 224×64 resolution) for some stunning slow-mo replay type shots. […]

Jan 13, 2011

Eye-Fi connects your camera to your smartphone invisibly [CES 2011]

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EyeFi Direct camera card

Eye-Fi has announced a new feature of their new Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD cards in the form of Eye-Fi Direct Mode, which lets cameras automatically upload their photos to a smartphone. Previous versions of EyeFi have used WiFi, enabling a camera with an Eye-Fi card installed in its SD card slot to upload its photos via […]

Jan 5, 2011

Samsung SH100 Wi-Fi camera with remote smartphone viewfinder

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Samsung SH100 Wifi camera

Samsung will be showing off a rather special camera at CES this year. The Samsung SH100 not only features WiFi for sharing your pictures with other Wi-Fi enabled devices, it’ll also hook up to your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone for some rather sophisticated trickery. Using Wi-Fi, the SH100 can connect to your Galaxy S, which […]

Sep 8, 2010

5 of the latest photo sharing digital cameras with one-touch photo upload

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KODAK slice

Digital cameras are a huge improvement over their older film-based counterparts, but they have one gigantic drawback: all the pics you take generally end up buried on your hard disk, never to be seen again. Fortunately there’s a solution. The latest generation of digital cameras have all manner of social photo features that let you […]

Aug 25, 2010

Kodak EASYSHARE M590 camera – so social, it even remembers Orkut

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Looks like Kodak are on a social media roll this week with the Playtouch camcorder and now the EASYSHARE (their caps, not mine) M590. The EASYSHARE M590 is outwardly a simple point-and-shooter that, while looking like the Kodak Disc cameras of the past, packs in a herd of modern web technology that those nice people […]

Aug 25, 2010

Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder boasts fire & forget sharability

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Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder

Kodak, one of the biggest names in camera history has announced the new Kodak Playtouch pocket camcorder. The Playtouch has full 1080p high definition recording for capturing those “oh my god” moments we all experience on some of life’s more um, lively nights out, and with the Playtouch you don’t need to mess around searching […]

Jan 11, 2010

From Facebook to fish, the Kodak PlaySport pocket camcorder captures it all

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Kodak PlaySport camcorder

Kodak have put on an interesting demo of their new Kodak PlaySport pocket camcorder at CES 2010 – they’ve shoved it in a goldfish bowl! Obviously this is to show off the PlaySport’s waterproof abilities, as it will work happily in depths of 10 feet or less.

Jan 6, 2010

Eye-Fi Pro X2 wireless SD card with endless memory

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Eye Fi Pro-X2

I didn’t mean for this series of CES 2010 posts to be so camera-heavy, but I couldn’t resist this. Eye-Fi have announced the new Eye-Fi Pro X2, an 8GB SD card with built-in WiFi. Quite how they managed to cram the WiFi gubbins into an SD card is beyond me, but what it gives you […]