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Sep 10, 2007

New Creative Zen could really challenge the Nano

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Creative Zen MP3 and video player

Whereas the Archos 105 is a poor attempt at threatening the new iPod Nano, the new Creative Zen has a much better chance. It’s much better equipped than the Archos 105, and looks a lot better as well. Better still, it’s cheap, at only £100 for the entry-level model. More details and pictures of the […]

Sep 10, 2007

The Mad Sony Rolly – an MP3 player in an egg

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Sony Rolly MP3 player

Sony have announced what could be the world’s most bonkers MP3 player. The Sony Rolly (or the SEP-10BT to give its less-inspired formal name) is shaped like an egg, and you control its functions by either twisting it or rolling it. Even more impressively, the Rolly can actually dance in time to the music, spinning […]

Sep 7, 2007

New Apple Nano eats pies, plays video

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Apple iPod Nano

As well as the iPod Touch and iPod Classic, Apple have also released a new iPod Nano. The new, improved Nano can play videos, unlike its older brother, but this comes at a cost, as it’s now considerably fatter than its older sibling. Still just as thin, though, and so just about gets away with […]

Sep 7, 2007

Apple iPod Classic pushes the MP3 limit

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Apple iPod Classic

As well as the Apple iPod Touch, Apple also announced an updated version of its iPod Classic. The new iPods get bigger hard drives, with a choice of 80GB or 160GB models, which apparently is good for 40,000 tunes. 40,000 tunes?! Have we reached the limit of what’s sensible in terms of MP3 player storage […]

Sep 7, 2007

Silent discos with Samsung YP-P2 and T10 media players

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Samsung YP-P2 and Samsung YP-T10 MP3 players

Samsung have announced the Samsung YP-P2 and YP-T10 MP3 players. Well, I say MP3 players – they both play video as well, making them more PMPs than MP3 players. Whatever, both gadgets look pretty nifty, coming as they do with support for Bluetooth 2.0, and the badass P2 looks like it’s quite capable of taking […]

Sep 6, 2007

New iPod Touch an iPhone without the phone

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Apple iPod Touch MP3 player

Apple have announced a raft of new iPods, with the most drool-worthy version being this, the iPod Touch. The interesting thing about the new Touch is that it’s really just an iPhone without the phone. It’s got the same interface, the same Safari browser, CoverFlow, and even Wi-Fi connectivity – they both even share the […]

Sep 6, 2007

Samsung YA-BS300 Bluetooth Speaker

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Samsung YA-BS300 Bluetooth speaker

Samsung have been showing off the niftily-titled Samsung YA-BS300 Bluetooth speaker. As you can see from the pics, the YA-BS300 is not the biggest speaker in the world, but then it’s not meant to be. It’s designed to be carried around with you, so you can hook it up wirelessly to your Bluetooth-supporting MP3 player […]

Sep 6, 2007

SanDisk Shakin' MP3 player

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SanDisk MP3 player

What do you do when your core business is flash-based storage solutions such as SD cards, and you want more people to buy your products? Simple: build nifty gadgets that rely on the flash storage. An MP3 player, perhaps – should do nicely. But then, what if the market in which you’re selling your gadget […]

May 14, 2007

7.1 Surround Sound on a Mobile Phone

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7.1 Surround Sound system on a mobile phone

If you’re into your home theater, then the thought of listening to anything other than full 7.1 surround sound is simply too hideous to bear. If this sounds like you, then even the music that comes from your mobile phone is simply not up to the job. Fortunately, an enterprising mobile phone company from China […]

Apr 22, 2007

Yamada HTV-200XU crams home theatre into Boombox

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Yamada HTV-200XU Hi-Fi and home theatre in one

German Hi-Fi manufacturer Yamada (Yes, Yamada, not Yamaha) have released the Yamada HTV-200XU, a Hi-Fi boombox crammed with so many features, it’s more like a PC in Boombox clothing. As you can see, it’s got a 7 inch LCD screen, plus a DVD player capable of playing DivX, DVDs, MPEG 4 movie files, and even […]