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Sep 23, 2008

Spotlight: Archos Multimedia Machines

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Archos Multimedia player

Archos Multimedia – two words that are almost synonymous with each other, as when you think multimedia player, you instantly think of Archos (and if you don’t, you really should!). We’ve put together a brief overview of the latest Archos players and recommend which Archos Multimedia player you should buy.

Sep 23, 2008

How many WiMo devices does it take to display an image?

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Mobile device collaboration

When you think of you average Windows Mobile device what would you conceder to be the areas which require development and could be improved? Maybe the battery life or the performance

Sep 19, 2008

New PMP with touchscreen that pushes back

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Sep 16, 2008

Is that a projector in your pocket?

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3M pocket projector

3M have beaten all their competition to the post and announced the launch of their MPro110 pocket projector. It will go on sale this month, to be more precise the 30th September 2008. This little projector was reviewed by PopSci and the results were pretty good. Through the use of LCoS display technology the MPro110 […]

Sep 16, 2008

Mental Media: iRiver's Mickey player

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iRiver Mickey

iRiver are a little like Nintendo in the way they like to push the envelope on user interfaces and methods of interaction. The iRiver Spinn is a good example of iRiver going down a different route to everyone else and coming up with a truly outstanding PMP; the iRiver Mickey player is not another example […]

Sep 15, 2008

Kenwood compete with Apple iPod

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Kenwood DAP

Kenwood are on the attack with 2 new digital audio players (DAP); these little critters pack 2GB or 4GB internal memory depending on the model you go for. Both versions have something the iPod nano doesn’t, a Micro SD slot. This small addition adds up to a big difference, with a Micro SD card you […]

Sep 10, 2008

New iPods galore, but no new Apple TV

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Apple iPod

Well, the Apple Let’s Rock event has finally happened, giving the Apple FanBoys the cool new gadgets they need while leaving the rest of us slightly shrugging our shoulders! Most of the rumours prior to the event came true, which slightly took the gloss off all the new announcements, but at least no-one will be […]

Sep 8, 2008

New Microsoft Zune with a whole list of lame

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New Microsoft Zune announced

The day before Apple is set to announce its new line-up of iPods, Microsoft has tried to steal some of its thunder by announcing some new features for its lame Zune. The Zune, if you recall, was meant to challenge the iPod by offering WiFi connectivity that would enable owners to share music wirelessly between […]

Sep 2, 2008

Bathe in the glow of your waterproof Sony Bravia TV

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Sony Bravia XDV-W600 Waterproof TV

If you truly are intent on taking your content with you wherever you go, then you’re going to need one of these: it’s the new Sony XDV-W600 Bravia waterproof portable TV, perfect for taking into the bath with you. Not only is actually designed to work in the bathroom, and so positively enjoys a good […]

Aug 31, 2008

Sony have upped the bar

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Sony Portable Media Player

I thought the Creative Zen Mozaic was bad enough but Sony have managed to raise the level of ugly with their PMX-U55 personal media player. I am not sure which bit of the above image I dislike the most, the picture of the dog or the media player itself. I just hope that the device […]