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Aug 20, 2008

Ultra thin mp4 players

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Axxen mp4 player

Axxen has released a couple of mp4 player which are so thin you my snap them if you look too hard. Both the Playgo X11and the Playgo x12 are just 5.6 mm thick. These two mp4 players have fancy OLED screens and support touch keypad. They have all the usual features, such as FM radio […]

Aug 12, 2008

Mumu iPearl: a touch of pink from RAmos

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Mumu iPearl by RAmos

The Mumu iPearl by RAmos is, as you might guess, aimed at the female half of the word. It is not often that you get a device designed from scratch to be for ladies, the companies normally just dunk a current player in pink paint a declare it fit for a female. RAmos is trying […]

Aug 11, 2008

Want a Bluetooth MP3 player? Here are dozens…

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A Bluetooth MP3 player transforms the way you listen to your tunes, but finding a good one from the thousands of ordinary MP3 players on the market can take days of tedious research. So we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top Bluetooth MP3 players on the market today, […]

Aug 5, 2008

PMX-M89 16GB: new PMP from Sony that helps you find yourself

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Sony PMX-M89

This little beauty is the new Sony PMX-M89 with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and 16GB of storage. Sony is trying to stake their claim to the Chinese market with their PMX series of personal media players. The PMX series is on the higher end of the Chinese market; at 2,260 Yuan (USD $331) it is a […]

Aug 4, 2008

Creative ZEN Mozaic now available

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Creative ZEN Mozaic

The “fashionable” Creative ZEN Mozaic which was seen in Singapore last month has now hit the streets of the USA and will be available in England on the 15th August. The style of this DAP is not to my taste but then I openly admit I have little fashion sense, so if you like the […]

Aug 4, 2008

iRiver Spinn video released

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iriver Spinn

There are lots of rumours going around about the new iRiver’s 3.3-inch Spinn media player with AMOLED display but we finally get to see it in action! The new SPINN Wheel controller assisted by touch-screen AMOLED display with haptic feedback does look very impressive in the video. Check it all out after the break.

Aug 1, 2008

How to use your iPhone as a wireless modem

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tether you iPhone

You are out and about with your laptop and want to access the internet, maybe to write a blog entry or you have some other work to do. Slight problem, there are no WiFi hotspots anywhere near you! You could do the stuff on your iPhone but it lacks a decent text editor and it […]

Jul 30, 2008

New iPod Touch and iPod Nano

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new iPod Touch

The new iPhone 3G is out of the way, but technology is continually moving forwards so it is not much of a surprise that just as Apple get iPhone out the way, the rumours about new iPods has started. Both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch are due for an upgrade, whilst there aren’t […]

Jul 24, 2008

Zen Mozaic: art or just plain ugly?

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Zen Mozaic

The new Creative ZEN Mozaic portable media player for video, music and photos has just been released. Its design is based on the awe inspiring mosaic art of ancient Greece, but somehow Creative has missed the point. The new ZEN Mozaic, with its 1.8-inch LCD colour screen, weighs only 43g but comes in 79.5mm x […]

Jul 23, 2008

Cowon P5 – Bluetooth and Mobile TV in a premium PMP

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Cowon P5 PMP

Cowon have announced the new Cowon P5 Personal Media Player. Actually, “Personal” may be pushing it a bit, as the thing is so huge it comes with its own remote control! Coming with a huge 5″ touchscreen capable of showing 16.7 million colours at an 800 x 480 resolution, the Cowon P5 is aimed well […]