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Oct 8, 2010

Logitech Revue Review – 9 things you need to know before you buy it

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Google TV and the Logitech Revue

The Logitech Revue is the first Set Top Box (STB) to feature the wonderful new Google TV. But does it work as well as the hype suggests it does? Can you really install Android apps from the Android marketplace on your TV, and can you control your TV with your Android phone? More importantly, will […]

Oct 6, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about Google TV

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Google TV

Google TV has finally been announced in full, with Google launching the brand new Google TV site and Logitech showing off the first ever Google TV Set Top Box. Next week will see Sony showing off the first ever HDTV with integrated Google TV, meaning the Web has finally come to the best screen in […]

Sep 28, 2010

Apple TV, Google TV and 6 other Internet TV players compared: which should you buy?

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Apple TV Internet TV player

There’s a revolution in TV brewing, with Apple, Google, Boxee, Roku, Sony, TiVo and Western Digital all selling new set top boxes that combine the best features of your HDTV (namely, its screen) with the best features of the Web – plus your own pictures and videos thrown in for good measure. But which system […]

Jan 18, 2010

Looking for an MKV Player? Here are 6 of the best MKV Media Players around

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MKV Player

An MKV Player lets you watch the very latest HD videos by supporting the new Matroska Multimedia Container format. Although MKV files are everywhere on file sharing networks, finding an MKV Player is difficult as there aren’t many available, simply because the format is so new. So we thought we’d help you with a guide […]

Jul 11, 2008

How to create a Wii media center

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The Nintendo Wii is very nice to look at and its unique controller system makes it extremely cool to play, but it does lack some features which other consoles have. One of these being an ability to connect directly with other devices on your network and stream photos, videos or music from them. Here is […]

Jul 4, 2008

Ovei Pod destroys society?

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Ovei Pod

Looks like a giant shinny egg but don’t worry, scientist haven’t created 50ft chickens to solve world hunger it is just an Ovei Pod. Launched at CEDIA, the pod provides an enclosed space where you can get away from it all and watch your favourite South Park episode or enjoy a bit of game play […]

Jun 28, 2008

Google's latest application connects PC to TV

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Google Media Server

We all know that Google likes to have its fingers in all the pies, well they are now sticking their hands into an area of the home entertainment market coveted by Microsoft and Apple. Google really are taking no survivors; it would seem their company motto isn’t only “Don’t be evil” but also “World domination […]

Apr 25, 2007

New Microsoft Windows Home Media Server already outdated

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Microsoft Windows Home Media Server media hub

Microsoft and HP have announce a new Windows Home Media Server that the two companies have been working on. Like similar devices already on sale, the Windows Home Server is designed to store and backup all of your media from several different PCs around the home, and distribute the content wherever it’s needed. So far […]

Mar 23, 2007

Rock Meivo LCD TV squeezes all known gadgets into one TV

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Rock Meivo LCD TV with IPTV and VoD and Media Center PC

Mar 17, 2007

Is the Asus A33 the world's loudest Media Center?

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Asus A33 media center at CeBIT 2007

Asus have been showing off the Asus A33 media center at CeBIT 2007. The A33 is a glorious looking device that’s been designed to fit in nicely with your high end Hi-Fi system. Not that you’d need such a system – the Asus A33 comes packed with a 500W amplifier and can pump out some […]