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Oct 27, 2010

Western Digital TV Live Hub – the last of the Media Streamers?

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Western Digital TV Live Hub

Western Digital have announced the new WD TV Live Hub, a media streamer with a whopping 1TB of storage. The Live Hub will stream any of your content from your PC or Mac to your HDTV thanks to its support for DLNA, while its impressive specs mean it can stream 1080p HD video from any […]

Oct 5, 2010

QNAP NMP-1000P media player offers a geeky alternative to Google TV

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QNAP NMP-1000p Network Media Player

Media streamers are funny things. So many features to offer, so many files to store, and so many different formats to support. Luckily, QNAP has launched the new QNAP NMP-1000P Network Media Player, which can support pretty much every kind of video and audio format you’ll ever come across, and decode it using a super-quick […]

Sep 21, 2010

Cool media phone but no DLNA or HDMI? HTC Tube to the rescue

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HTC Tube

Got an awesome Android phone with excellent media capabilites like 720p video recording or HD playback? Ever use them? No? Sure you don’t – just who does want to faff around with memory cards or cables and transfers that take ages? Well HTC hears ya loud and clear, and is bringing out the HTC Tube […]

Sep 20, 2010

Can the Boxee Box compete with Apple TV and Google TV?

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Boxee Box review

The long-time coming hardware version of the Boxee software is about to finally be released. Called the Boxee Box, it is what the name hints at – Boxee but in its own box, all ready to go. For those who are unaware, Boxee is a software media centre that is a direct descendant of the […]

Jan 9, 2010

Boxee Box Review – why your HDTV and you need this remarkable media center

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Boxee Box review

Look around CES 2010 and you’ll see acres of HDTVs and Blu-ray playes, all showing off their flashy Internet TV features. YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and a billion other social media apps, all viewable on a shiny new $5,000 HDTV. But what if you don’t have $5,000? Or worse, what if you just spent $5,000 […]

Dec 12, 2008

Netgear launches new Digital Entertainer Elite media streamer

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Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite media streamer

Media streamers, devices that stream your media from one device onto another (usually your HDTV), have been around for some time, but somehow they never exactly caught on. All manner of companies have tried building them, including LinkSys, NetGear, and more recently, Microsoft with its XBox 360 and even Apple with its Apple TV. None […]

Aug 11, 2008

Want a Bluetooth MP3 player? Here are dozens…

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A Bluetooth MP3 player transforms the way you listen to your tunes, but finding a good one from the thousands of ordinary MP3 players on the market can take days of tedious research. So we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top Bluetooth MP3 players on the market today, […]

Aug 7, 2008

Why the Samsung MediaLive is a missed opportunity

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Samsung MediaLive media streamer

Media streaming from PC to TV could finally be making its way into more people’s homes thanks to the new Samsung MediaLive. The MediaLive lets you stream just about any content you like from your PC to your HDTV either wirelessly or via Ethernet. Movies, tunes and images can all be streamed regardless of whether […]

Jul 10, 2008

New Belkin FlyWire transmits 1080P wirelessly

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Yet another black box for your living room? Yes and no, this little beauty is Belkin’s new wireless transmitter and receiver, aka FlyWire. FlyWire can connect to all your devices without the need to install wiring, so no more climbing up ladders and ripping out bits of your house in an effort to connect everything […]

Jun 28, 2008

Google's latest application connects PC to TV

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Google Media Server

We all know that Google likes to have its fingers in all the pies, well they are now sticking their hands into an area of the home entertainment market coveted by Microsoft and Apple. Google really are taking no survivors; it would seem their company motto isn’t only “Don’t be evil” but also “World domination […]