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Oct 5, 2008

Boring Hard Disks go multimedia mad

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I-O-Data TV recorder

The rise of digital media has led to a range of interesting gadgets from companies you would never expect to compete side by side with the likes of Sony. I’m thinking here of the storage manfacturers – companies such as I-O Data,who were always content with the less flashy world of hard disks and backup […]

Sep 11, 2008

Mysterious Samsung DVR set to topple Sky+

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Samsung Set Top Box DVR takes on Sky+

News has leaked out that Samsung are set to launch a new Set Top Box in Europe that could revolutionize the way you use your TV. It’s an odd-looking box as you can see from the pics, with retro-looking green LEDs giving limited information from the box itself. This suggests to me that it’ll be […]

Apr 27, 2007

Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 – a 21st Century Video Recorder

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Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 media recorder

Sharp have announced the new Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 media recorder, which offers not just a DVD player, not even a DVD player and 250GB HDD, but a DVD player, 250GB HDD and something called a VHS video recorder. Apparently, VHS is an old analogue tape format for recording TV programmes in the days before digital, […]

Feb 19, 2007

Sharp AQUOS Media recorder with 1 Terabyte Hard Disk

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Sharp AQUOS DV-AC60 media recorder

Sharp have announced five new AQUOS media recorders, one of which, the Sharp DV-AC60, comes fully loaded with 1TB’s worth of storage. The media recorders come with DVD player, hard disk and up to 3 TV tuners (two digital, one analogue), plus Sharp’s innovative new IrSS (IrSimpleShot) technology, which lets you transfer pictures directly from […]