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Feb 1, 2007

Okoro OMS-GX300 mental media center

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Okoro OMS-GX300 media centre PC

Okoro have released what must be the most extreme media center yet developed: the Okoro OMS-GX300. Following hot on the heels of the launch of Windows Vista, and showing off Microsoft’s new Operating System’s media capabilities to the full, the OMS-GX300 is a PC in a super-cool (and distinctly non-beige) box, featuring some super high-end hardware for complete home entertainment.

Jan 23, 2007

Samsung cut the wires off its HP-T5894W Plasma TV

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Samsung HP-T5894W Wireless Plasma TV

Samsung announced the Samsung HP-T5894W wireless TV at CES 2007 last week. The HP-T5894W (couldn’t they have thought of a better name?!) is an interesting combination of wireless media streamer and TV. Most media streamers wirelessly connect to your PC, and plug-in to your TV to deliver content already downloaded . In contrast, the Samsung […]