Oct 6, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about Google TV

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Google TV

Google TV has finally been announced in full, with Google launching the brand new Google TV site and Logitech showing off the first ever Google TV Set Top Box. Next week will see Sony showing off the first ever HDTV with integrated Google TV, meaning the Web has finally come to the best screen in […]

Sep 7, 2010

Video: Sony Internet TV – first HDTV with Google TV

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Sony Internet TV with Google TV

Sony has become the first HDTV manufacturer to create a HDTV with the forthcoming Google TV service built-in. Google TV looks set to revolutionize TV in the same way that Apple’s iPhone revolutionzed the mobile phone market with the concept of touch as an interface. It’s not touch that’s Google TV’s revolutionary feature, though – […]

Sep 7, 2010

More details of Google Music reveals Xmas launch

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Google Music Logo

Maybe Steve Jobs stole Larry Page or Sergey Brin’s sweets as small children or something, ‘cos Google sure want a big bit of Apple’s action. Not content with overpowering iOS with Android (it’ll happen, it’s inevitable) and taking on Apple TV with the impressive Google TV, those canny searchmongers are rumoured to be in talks […]

Jun 28, 2008

Google's latest application connects PC to TV

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Google Media Server

We all know that Google likes to have its fingers in all the pies, well they are now sticking their hands into an area of the home entertainment market coveted by Microsoft and Apple. Google really are taking no survivors; it would seem their company motto isn’t only “Don’t be evil” but also “World domination […]