Jan 13, 2010

Video: the best JVC iPod gadgets from CES 2010

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JVC Kaboom with iPod dock

JVC have launched a plethora of iPod-related products at CES 2010, from standard iPod speakers to HDTVs complete with iPod docks. Not just iPod, either – they’ll also fit the iPhone, if that’s your Apple gadget of choice. Here, in no particular order, are just some of the best JVC iPod products on offer at […]

Jan 13, 2010

JVC TeleDock eats iPods

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JVC TeleDock HDTVs

JVC seem to have found the perfect complement to your shiny new HDTV – an iPod dock! Simply buy one of their new JVC TeleDock range of HDTVs, and you too can dock your iPod into the front of your telly, where it’ll be fully charged and happily play music, videos and photos through your […]

Jan 13, 2010

Driving under the influence of a 7 inch screen with JVC’s AVX830 in-car entertainment centre

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JVC had a range of in-car entertainment gizmos on show at CES 2010, including this, the JVC KW-AVX830 on show. This is a beast of an in-car gadget featuring a huge 7″ screen, proximity detector (the unit switches itself on when it sense your hand, and then off again, when you return to the somewhat […]

Jan 9, 2009

CES 2009: JVC launch cat-controlled Hi-Fi with iPod dock

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JVC Micro Audio Systems

JVC have been showing off a range of new Micro Audio Systems that integrate nicely with an iPod. I say nicely – the iPod simply slots into a slot at the top, and just sits there looking gormless against the giant black behemoth beneath it! The JVC system might be micro in Hi-Fi terms, but […]

Jan 8, 2009

CES 2009: The JVC TeleDock HDTV with iPod dock

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CES 2009 has begun, and we’re starting our coverage with a roundup of the best HDTV news. First up is JVC, who had 9 different HDTVs on display from two distinct ranges – its Full HD line and the TeleDock Line. JVC Full HD line The JVC Full HD line of TVs does exactly what […]

Aug 1, 2008

JVC Gumy Air Earbuds

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JVC has just announced an addition it is Gumy line which what they are calling “Gumy Air”. Not sure if I could take a pair of ear bud headphones seriously if they are called “Gumy Air”, it brings visions of them sticking in my ear like chewing gum and providing crummy or gummy sound. But […]

Jun 26, 2008

JVC launches iPod TVs, world says WTF?!

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JVC iPod TVs

JVC have launched a new range of HD TVs featuring what must be the world’s least requested add-on – an iPod dock! The gloriously named LT-32P679, LT-42P789, LT-47P789 and LT-52P789 LCD TVs (who said HD TVs were just commodities?!) all come with an iPod dock built into their base, which lets you plug your iPod […]