Jan 12, 2010

Philips and LG wow the world with portable TVs…wait, what?!

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LG DP570H Mobile DTV

Philips and LG have been showing off some high-tech gadgetry at CES 2010 with this pair of beauties: The Philips PET749 and the somewhat harder to pronounce LG DP570H. Both of these devices look at first glance to be ordinary PMPs (Personal Media Players – you know, portable DVD players with screens), but they have […]

Jan 6, 2010

New LG LHB975 Blu-ray + YouTube Home Theatre System

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LG BL975 Blu-ray home theatre system

LG seem intent on merging the Web and telly using as many different ways as possible. This time, it’s with the LG LHB975 Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System, a mouthful of a name that features a mouth-watering set of features (see what I did there? 😉 Just announced at CES 2010, aside from the usual […]

Jan 6, 2010

LG put Skype video calls on your telly

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LG have announced 26 new NetCast HDTVs at CES 2010, each of which comes with Skype built-in. The new TVs will let you make Skype voice and high definition video calls directly from your TV without the need for a PC. Video conferencing has been something that hasn’t really caught on in the consumer space, […]

Jan 8, 2009

CES 2009: LG launches wireless YouTube-equipped HDTV

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As ever, LG pulled out all the stops in the HDTV war at CES, offering HDTVs that combined a wealth of new features with some stunning specs for superb picture quality. LG Wireless TVs Yes, you read right, LG were showing off a number of wireless TVs, including the LG LHX Slim and the LG […]

Oct 14, 2008

LG Scarlet LG80 sounds as good as it looks

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LG have announced the new LG Scarlet LG80 LCD TV. Another in the line of LG Scarlet TVs, the new LG80 not only looks fantastic, it sounds great too. It’s been designed to complement home theatre systems by offering superb audio with a built-in 3.1 speaker system, with speakers that automatically slide out of the […]

Sep 19, 2008

Ingenious display

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LG Screen display

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Aug 31, 2008

The sexiest DVD player this year

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LG DVS450H DVD player

LG, like me, must have been looking around the DVD player market recently and yawned at how dreary and boring all the designs have been. There has been nothing new and exciting around for a long time, so LG decided to spice things up a little and produce the DVS450H DVD player. Ok the name […]

Aug 3, 2008

LG reveals plans for ultra thin, LED-lit HDTV's

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Earlier this year LG hinted at a HDTV that would be LED-backlit instead of fluorescent-lit and touted a whopping 1,000,000:1. LG have now firmed up the details on this 1080p LCD and even given us a release month and price tag. Read on for all the details.

Mar 15, 2007

LG J10HD Chocolate Home Cinema System

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LG J10HD Home Cinema

In love your with your LG Chocolate phone, but wished it was a little bigger, and its MP3 player a little beefier? Then check out the LG J10HD Home Cinema, which adopts the same glorious style of LG’s famous designer phone, and adds a 150W sub-woofer, two 75W speakers, 80GB hard disk and DV player. […]