Jan 9, 2009

Pioneer confuses Engadget, fans set 'em straight

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Pioneer DV-420V DVD player

Pioneer has announced the Pioneer DV-420V at CES 2009, an upscaling DVD player that has two tricks up its sleeve: the ability to rip tunes from a CD and store them as MP3 files onto a USB device (including an MP3 player or external hard-drive); and the ability to confuse the hell out of Engadget!

Jul 9, 2008

Pioneer Pro-111FD vs Panasonic TH-50PZ850U who will win?

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This is the show down between the two 50-inch plasmas vying for top spot, there is a $1500 price difference between them but are there any other differences? This is what the HD Guru set out to discover in his latest review. The long

Sep 9, 2007

Pioneer Blu-Ray player first to support all surround sound formats

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Pioneer BDP-95FD Blu-Ray DVD player

Pioneer have announced the Pioneer BDP-95FD, a cool looking fully specced top-end Bl-ray DVD player. The BP-95FD is the first Blu-ray player to support all four HD-level surruond sound formats (Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution and Master Audio – yes, as if HD TV technology wasn’t confusing enough with all the different resolutions, […]

May 10, 2007

The Pioneer BDP-94HD – a cheaper Pioneer Blu-Ray player

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Pioneer BDP-94HD Blu-Ray player

No sooner had I posted about the Pioneer BDP-LX70, than I came across the Pioneer BDP-94HD, another stunning looking Blu-Ray player from the company. As its name suggests, the BDP094HD also offers full HD quality pictures, as well as Dolby True HD sound and DLNA support, but it doesn’t support 1080p/24p (it supports 1080p, just […]

May 10, 2007

Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player with DLNA

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Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player

Pioneer have announced the pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player. Apart from looking simply glorious and obviously offering excellent playback, the BDP-LX70 has one other trick up it’s sleeve – it’s DLNA-compliant, meaning it can stream all manner of media direct form your PC, including MPEG2 and WMV videos, and MP3 tunes. More details of the Pioneer […]

Mar 1, 2007

Pioneer Music.tap pipes audio over power lines

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Pioneer Music.tap audio system

Pioneer have announced the Pioneer Music.tap, a new audio system that lets you pipe your music from your HiFi to speakers over the power lines. The main audio system is separate from the speakers,as you’d expect, but rather than connecting the two together via old-fashioned speaker wire, or even new technologies such as WiFi or […]