Jan 8, 2009

CES 2009: Sharp AQUOS BD HDTVs with built-in Blu-Ray

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The Sharp AQUOS BD HDTV distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a built-in Blu-Ray player. According to Sharp, this frees up an HDMI port, reduces the amount of wires coming into the TV set, and creates a much more automated home movie experience. It also means the quality of your picture is dependent upon […]

Oct 16, 2008

New Sharp Aquos DX LCD TVs with built-in Blu-Ray players

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Sharp Aquos DX LCD TV with Blu-Ray player

If you’re fed up with the plethora of set top boxes and other devices that have multiplied around your TV in the last few years, seemingly breeding like rampant electronic rabbits getting high on High-Def TV signals, then Sharp might have the answer for you. The company has just announced its latest range of Sharp […]

Sep 30, 2008

Sharp XS1 LED TV with Bluetooth tuner

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Shapr XS1 LCD TV

Sharp have been showing off their buzzwords at CEATEC 2008, with their new Sharp XS1 HDTV. It’s a bit of a giant, coming in at 65″ with an aluminium frame. Although not quite as slim as Sony’s 40″ LCD TV that was also on display at CEATEC 2008 (the XS1 is 22.8mm thin compared with […]

Jul 15, 2008

Sharp will change your life?

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Yesterday, Sharp Electronics Corporation announced it will be doing a large marketing campaign that shows how future focused they are by looking at their past achievements in LCD screens and solar electricity. The marketing strategy revolves around a very large claim… their technology changes your life, I assume for the better although they don’t say. […]

Apr 27, 2007

Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 – a 21st Century Video Recorder

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Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 media recorder

Sharp have announced the new Sharp Aquos DV-ACV52 media recorder, which offers not just a DVD player, not even a DVD player and 250GB HDD, but a DVD player, 250GB HDD and something called a VHS video recorder. Apparently, VHS is an old analogue tape format for recording TV programmes in the days before digital, […]

Feb 25, 2007

Beam camera-phone pics onto your HDTV with the Sharp HN-IR1

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Sharp HN-IR1 wireless camera phone adaptor

Fed up with your pics being locked in your cameraphone, with no easy way of showing them to friends and family? Then buy the Sharp HN-IR1, which enables pics in an IrSS-equipped mobile phone to be beamed directly to an HDTV via the HN-IR1’s high speed IrSS infra-red port. The HN-IR1 is a nifty device […]

Feb 19, 2007

Sharp AQUOS Media recorder with 1 Terabyte Hard Disk

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Sharp AQUOS DV-AC60 media recorder

Sharp have announced five new AQUOS media recorders, one of which, the Sharp DV-AC60, comes fully loaded with 1TB’s worth of storage. The media recorders come with DVD player, hard disk and up to 3 TV tuners (two digital, one analogue), plus Sharp’s innovative new IrSS (IrSimpleShot) technology, which lets you transfer pictures directly from […]