Oct 26, 2010

Breaking: Apple to buy Sony

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Aplpe and Sony

Whoa, now here’s news! Reuters are reporting that Apple has Sony in its sights and are looking to buy the faltering Japanese giant. If true, it’ll be sign of a concerted push by Apple into the homes of us all, and signals that the next great tech battle will be fought around the smart TV. […]

Sep 27, 2010

Nvidia tips smartphones to replace set top boxes

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Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang

Nvidia chief Jen-Hsun Huang has been peerin ginto his crystal ball, and one thing he tips is the smartphone of the future replacing your set to box. “It’s a foregone conclusion that the personal computer of the future is this size,” said Huang, holding up his smartphone. “You could add wireless HDMI to it someday, […]

Feb 8, 2009

Pioneer pulls out of the Plasma TV market

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Pioneer plasma TV

Pioneer are exiting the Plasma TV business. As reported by HDGuru, “…according to industry sources and confirmed by a Nikkei News report, Pioneer Corp. is ending production of its highly rated plasma HDTVs and will be exiting the TV business.” This is awful news. I know the world-wide recession is hitting companies hard, but for […]

Feb 3, 2009

Sony sells HDTVs with suspenders

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Sony Bravia ZX1 HDTV

These are hard times for Sony. After projecting a loss of $1.7 billion for 2008, it’s facing 2009 with the prospect of trying to shift some seriously expensive hardware to an indebted market that’s all but dried up. That’s a tough call for Sony’s marketing department, who are tasked with the job of trying to […]

Dec 11, 2008

Nokia and TuneBite inadvertently combine to provide DRM-free music

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Nokia comes with music mobile phone

In the battle for mobile music downloads, Nokia scored a bit of a hit during the summer with its appallingly-named “Comes with Music” download subscription service. Designed to take on Apple’s iTunes, Nokia’s music store equivalent seemed to have the edge, in that its Comes with Music phones can download tunes directly over the air […]

Dec 11, 2008

Blu Ray explained the Blu Peter way

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Konnie Huq explains Blu-ray | I’m a big fan of ex-Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, and I’m also quite fond of Blu Ray, too. Luckily for me, someone at CNet obviously shares my interests, as they’ve just released a video of Konnie explaining the delights of Blu-Ray to a sceptical audience. According to Konnie, […]

Dec 10, 2008

Intel working on battery-free mobile gadgets

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Shiro SQ-S solar-powered Personal Media Player

One of the biggest problems with all mobile and portable gadgets of any form is their batteries, which tend to run annoyingly flat at the drop of a hat. Intel, though, thinks it’s solved the problem. It’s working on a series of technologies that effectively means mobile and portable gadgets will be able draw power […]

Oct 20, 2008

Glorious Gadget sale now on – for one week only

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Gadget logo

I know things are tough in the retail sector at the moment, but it seems the January sales have already started! Gadget etailer are already having a Christmas sale! With gadgets such as a USB Podcast kit, a Freeview DVD tablet, travel speakers for your iPod, a USB speaker hub, waterproof iPod Nano speakers, […]

Oct 12, 2008

Apple takes on Sony with Wi-Fi TV.

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Apple TV

A new rumour suggests Apple is working on its own TV. This isn’t the first time Apple has been involved with the TV market. It’s less-than successful Apple TV set top box has been around for a couple of years now. However, the rumours suggest that Apple aren’t just working on another set top box […]

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Oct 7, 2008

Sharp shows off solar-powered HDTVs

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Sharp HDTV with solar power

Sharp have decided to jump onto the green bandwagon and have unveiled a couple of HDTVs powered by solar cells. At first, this sounds like a good idea. TVs generally consume a fair bit of power, and giant HDTVs with huge screens aren’t exactly small consumers of power. There is, however, one small problem. TVs […]