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Dec 18, 2008

3D vision with the Orb

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Unlike like the 3D televisions being tested by Sky, the Orb doesn’t require you to put on funny looking glasses to view in 3D. Ok so the Orb is not anything like a television and the resolution is not great but anything that could take your finger off if you poked it gets my vote. […]

Oct 8, 2008

Look like a Borg with the Nikon Media Port UP

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Nikon Media Port UP media player

This interesting device is, believe it or not, a complete media player with video and audio playback, 8GB of internal memory, and even built-in WiFi. Called the Media Port UP, it’s been developed by none other than Nikon. Yes, that’s right – Nikon, the Japanese camera manufacturer! |n a long meandering press release, they talk […]