How to setup a Wii media server

1 July 2008 4 Comments

There are lots of videos, pictures, and music online, but sometimes I just want to use the collection I have spent years putting together and I am sure you are the same. So whether you want to view your holiday pics or stream a film from your PC you will need to set up a media server that your Wii can access.

Many people run screaming from the room at this point because they imagine having to mess with the network and change complicated


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  1. neat idea! so where is it, please?


  3. So how do we get the wii to access our media server?

  4. Install this apache:
    Connect your Router (make sure the router is enabled.) between the wii and PC.
    Enter your PC’s IP to you Wii Internet Channel.
    Example: http://your pc’s ip/

    There you got your media server. 🙂

    Or use this one:

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