How to stream web media with a Wii

1 July 2008 4 Comments

There is a lot of media on the web which is just waiting to be viewed, but in that mass of data it can be hard to find what you want. Google goes some way to helping but it can bring back thousands of results and as the navigation on the Wii browser can be a bit cumbersome you want to find the information in as few steps as possible.

This article is not so much how to stream as that is quite straight forward, it is more an article on how to find the media to stream. We have compiled information on finding different media types in that great jungle that is the World Wide Web.

Streaming TV programs

What do you do if you have missed a television program that you really wanted to watch? Well turn on your Wii and navigate to one of these sites to watch your beloved program. Many television networks are getting an online presence; so much of their content is now available completely legally through your Nintendo Wii.

Let’s start with the BBC iPlayer ( because our head office is in the UK and well… I just love the iPlayer. The first version was a little irritating and fiddly to use but the latest one is just a pleasure, I never need miss an episode of Doctor Who again.

With the BBC iPlayer you can watch the BBC programs online for up to 7 days after their air date. A new feature to the iPlayer has also added all the BBC radio channels which again can be accessed up to 7 days after the air date.

The downside to the BBC iPlayer is that you need to be in the UK and you can watch BBC only programs for a limited time, but if you want to watch a program from the BBC this is the place to check first.

If you’re based in the United States, here is a treat for you. Hulu ( is an awesome site which brings together media from several different sites. You could wade through the individual network’s sites like NBC or Fox show but then why do that when Hulu is much cleaner and has the benefit of combining media from several networks all in one place. With Hulu you have access to content from Fox, NBC, Warner Bros. TV, and over 15 cable networks (Bravo, E! Entertainment, USA, and more). The site has licensing deals with Fox, MGM, Sony, Universal, Lionsgate movie studios; as well as the NBA, and NHL.

Hulu brings you a wide variety of full-length episodes, popular video clips, and even a few full-length movies which are easy to search and play. One downside except for only being accessible to the US is that some of the content has adverts, but that is only a minor issue when you think of what you are getting in return.

Streaming video

If the video you are looking for is not a TV program or can’t be found on one of the television network’s web sites then don’t get disheartened the chances are you will find it on one of these. You have probably heard of YouTube but there are many more sites out there which offer video content, there are also some specifically aimed at the Wii market.

I guess you don’t need telling about YouTube but Wiitube ( may be new to you. If you are looking for videos relating to the Nintendo Wii then this is the place to go. They have all sorts of content ranging from tips & cheats to trailers for new stuff. is just an all round great site. It doesn’t host the videos but it does provide thousands of links to other sites. Rather than having to use Google and trawl through the mass of results, just come here and look under the category that interests you. The videos are slit into: cartoons, TV-shows, anime, movies, music videos, sports videos, and documentaries. The videos are rated so you can see which ones are good or not and the links are regularly checked to make sure they are still working. There are lots of sites like this one but this is one of the best.

Dailymotion is similar to YouTube but often has different content, so if you can’t find it on one try the other. Dailymotion offers several ways of navigation: most recent, top rated, channel type and enables you to create your own channels to make finding stuff you like that much easier. It also provides a relatively good search facility.

Sometimes you aren’t looking for anything in particular, you just fancy watching something. Stumble Video ( will come to your rescue. This site enables you to click a button and be presented with a different video each time, the type of video can vary from something light hearted and funny to a bit of quantum mechanics. You can set the areas which interest you most so you don’t get completely random off the wall videos. In addition if you say which ones you like and dislike as you stumble around, it learns and so you get more videos to your liking.

It can be a little hit and miss but it passes a few hours.

That should keep you busy for a little while. If you haven’t already done so check out how to set up a Wii Media Server as there are times when you want to access your own media rather than someone else’s.

1) Wii Media Server

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  4. Hulu does not work with Wii’s opera browser. Flash is not supported.

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