Infra-Red Simple Shot (IrSS) – Super-speedy Infra-Red

24 March 2007 No Comment

Infra Red Simple Shot (IrSS) is a new technology developed by the Infra Red Data Association, and that’s currently in a variety of DVD and media streaming products from Sharp (such as the Sharp HN-IR1). Based on existing Infra-Red technology, IrSS lets you transfer your mobile phone pictures and video to your HD-TV via a high-speed Infra-Red port.

It sounds like a great idea. With a push of just one button, your picture can be beamed instantly to your HD-TV. However, there are drawbacks. Firstly, your mobile phone has to be equipped with IrSS, and most aren’t; secondly, it seems to be taking off in Japan, but not in other markets; and thirdly, it’s only got a data transfer rate of 16Mbps, which is fast enough for camera-phone pics and videos, but not for HD-TV content. There’s also the small matter of line-of-sight being needed between the two communicating gadgets.

That said, as a means of displaying your mobile phone directly onto your TV, IrSS can’t be beaten for simplicity. Just a shame no-one supports it (yet)!

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