Media Streaming over Bluetooth

24 March 2007 No Comment

One option that’s rarely thought of when it comes to media streaming is Bluetooth, yet the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) standard is designed for exactly that.

The most popular use for media streaming over Bluetooth is to stream your mobile phone’s tunes over to your Hi-Fi or speaker. Some Hi-Fis, such as the Sony CMT-HX7BT, now come with Bluetooth, while the Parrot Bluetooth Sound System is a set of active speakers with Bluetooth built-in, letting you stream music from your phone to your speaker without any other kind of Hi-Fi involved. Perfect for parties, when you want your expensive Hi-Fi locked safely out of the way, or if your mate’s Hi-Fi is pants!

HD-TVs, too, are now coming with Bluetooth, with the mighty Samsung SPD-63P71FHD HD-TV featuring it. You can stream video or pics directly from your mobile phone to your HD-TV at the touch of a button, which is a great way of viewing pics and videos that you only normally see on a 2″ screen without all the hassle of connecting your TV to your phone. Better still, because it uses Bluetooth, it’ll work with virtually every type of mobile phone currently being sold.

However, despite the great interconnectivity between your mobile phone and Hi-Fi or HD-TV, Bluetooth is not such a great streaming technology for more demanding types of media, such as Hi Def videos (Bluetooth 2.0 can support up to 3Mbps, but earlier versions supported only 721kbps).

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