Apr 26, 2007

JVC Sophisti Home Theater System review

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JVC Sophisti DD-3 home theater system

The JVC Sophisti Home Theater System is a brand new network media player from JVC. Also known as the JVC DD-3, the Sophisti may sound like it’s a few characters short of a full word (presumably the brand designers had something against “cated”!), but don’t let that fool you – it’s a full-on media hub […]

Apr 25, 2007

Samsung Cannes SPD-50P91FHD – world's first Bluetooth HDTV

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Samsung SPD-50P91FHD HDTV with Bluetooth

Samsung have launched what they claim is the world’s first Bluetooth HDTV. Samsung like claiming world’s first, and by bolting Bluetooth onto an HDTV, it’s a claim that they can make loud and clear, as it’s not an obvious addition to your usually wired TV. Despite this, a Bluetooth HDTV is actually quite useful… More […]

Apr 25, 2007

New Microsoft Windows Home Media Server already outdated

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Microsoft Windows Home Media Server media hub

Microsoft and HP have announce a new Windows Home Media Server that the two companies have been working on. Like similar devices already on sale, the Windows Home Server is designed to store and backup all of your media from several different PCs around the home, and distribute the content wherever it’s needed. So far […]

Apr 22, 2007

Yamada HTV-200XU crams home theatre into Boombox

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Yamada HTV-200XU Hi-Fi and home theatre in one

German Hi-Fi manufacturer Yamada (Yes, Yamada, not Yamaha) have released the Yamada HTV-200XU, a Hi-Fi boombox crammed with so many features, it’s more like a PC in Boombox clothing. As you can see, it’s got a 7 inch LCD screen, plus a DVD player capable of playing DivX, DVDs, MPEG 4 movie files, and even […]

Apr 20, 2007

Microsoft working on next-gen home entertainment system

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Microsoft Multi-Component Gaming System network home entertainment centre

A new Microsoft patent reveals the company’s plans to quite literally take over every conceivable home entertainment device in your home, combining them all into one huge distributed home entertainment network. The patent shows a “console” (presumably an XBox 360 or a next-gen XBox) being the central hub of the network, communicating with dozens of […]

Apr 19, 2007

Pinnacle PCTV – a TV and PVR in a USB stick

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Pinnacle PCT Tv and PVR in a USB stick

Pinnacle have announced the Pinnacle PCTV, a TV tuner and PVR all magically crammed into a tiny USB stick. The PCTV plugs into your PC via a USB 2.0 port, letting you watch TV instantly without installing any software. With its built-in PVR functions and 1GB of on-board flash storage, you can record up to […]

Apr 9, 2007

Panansonic D-Dock Bluetooth Hi-Fis

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Panasonic D-Dock Hi-Fi: Panasonic SC-PM770SD and Panasonic PM770SD Hi-Fi

Panasonic have announced the Panasonic D-Dock Hi-Fis, which integrate tightly with Panasonic’s D-Snap MP3 players, and which also have Bluetooth built-in, so you can stream your tunes through the Hi-Fis using a suitably-equipped MP3 player or mobile phone. More details and pictures of the Panasonic D-Dock Bluetooth Hi-Fis after the jump.

Apr 9, 2007

Bluesens G40 PMP – with Wi-Fi, without DRM

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Bluesens G40 PMP

This is the Bluesens G40 PMP, what could possibly be the holy grail of Personal Media Player. Much of its features are common to most PMPs: 2.5″ screen, support for a wide variety of music and video formats, storage up to 4GB via SD/MMC cards. What really differentiates the Bluesens G40, though, is its ability […]

Apr 4, 2007

Kyocera Blutooth Music Gateway connects mobile phones to Hi-Fis

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Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway

Kyocera have released the Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway, a novel media streamer that wirelessly connects your mobile phone to your Hi-Fi via Bluetooth. The Kyocera Music Gateway connects to your Hi-Fi via a standard RCA connector, and can peer with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth A2DP standard, you can then stream your […]

Apr 2, 2007

Apple, EMI and now Zune to drop DRM?

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Microsoft Zune MP3 player

Apple and, more significantly, EMI made the momentous announcement today that the entire digital catalogue of EMI’s tunes for sale on Apple’s iTunes service will come without DRM. Maybe I should repeat that: NO DRM WHATSOEVER! In what many pundits are calling a watershed day in the history of then music industry (at least in […]