Mar 20, 2007

CeBIT 2007: Samsung SPH-72P – the World's most powerful picture frame?

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Samsung SPH-72P picture frame with Wi-Fi

Samsung have announced the Samsung SPH-72P, an 800 x 480 pixel photo frame. Long known for their cries of “the world’s most…”, the SPH-72P could let Samsung claim they have the “world’s most powerful photo frame”. Why? Well, not only does it come with Wi-Fi to stream your pictures from your PC, it also supports […]

Mar 20, 2007

TransTechnology DVX-700 media streamer chooses Google Video over YouTube

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TransTechnology DVX-700 M20n media streamer

TransTechnology have announced the TransTechnology DVX-700, a new all-singing all-dancing media streamer. The M0 version is armed to the teeth with a plethora of codecs and connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, DVI and Japan’s own HDMI equivalent D4, plus so much internal wizzardry, it’s almost a PC in its own right. In fact, it even comes […]

Mar 20, 2007

Stream your Zune tunes with Radio Zune

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Zune FM transmitter for Microsoft Zune media player

Microsoft’s Zune already has Wi-Fi, but sharing your tunes with it has been hobbled due to its Digital Wrongs Rights software. Despite Microsoft banging on about sharing your tunes and videos with your mates, the reality is that you can transfer the file to your mates easily, but they can only play it 3 times. […]

Mar 19, 2007

Slackers make iPods obsolete

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Slacker PMP and online music service

iPods, Zunes and all you other MP3 players, tremble in your owners’ pockets. New start-up Broadband Instruments has a new offering that makes all existing Personal Media Players look so last century! Broadband Instruments have launched Slacker, which offers a new take on the PMP market. The Slacker Media Player looks at first glance like […]

Mar 17, 2007

CeBIT 2007: Watch your wireless TV in the shower

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Looking for the award for daftest gadget of CeBIT is Nu, with their, er, new wireless TV. OK so wireless TV’s aren’t at all daft – but waterproof ones are! One simple word…why?! [Source: TechDigest]

Mar 17, 2007

CeBIT 2007: Video of the reborn Commodore's new Gravel PMPs

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Commodore Gravel PMP at CeBIT 2007

Commodore, the long-dead home computer company, has risen phoenix-like at CeBIT 2007, and surprised us all with not one but three new Personal Media Players. Called the Commodore Gravel, each device is designed for different use. There’s the Gravel Personal, which is your traditional PMP with some tasty features; the Gravel In-Car, featuring PMP features […]

Mar 17, 2007

Is the Asus A33 the world's loudest Media Center?

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Asus A33 media center at CeBIT 2007

Asus have been showing off the Asus A33 media center at CeBIT 2007. The A33 is a glorious looking device that’s been designed to fit in nicely with your high end Hi-Fi system. Not that you’d need such a system – the Asus A33 comes packed with a 500W amplifier and can pump out some […]

Mar 16, 2007

Pegasus Cynalynx Media Streamer from Barbados

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Pegasus Cynalynx media receiver

The Pegasus Cynalynx (now that’s what I call a name!) is a new media receiver that wirelessly streams all your music, pics and films from your PC onto your HDTV. So far, so like every other media receiver. The Pegasus Cynalynx has two tricks up its sleeve, though. Firstly, it can stream content directly from […]

Mar 15, 2007

LG J10HD Chocolate Home Cinema System

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LG J10HD Home Cinema

In love your with your LG Chocolate phone, but wished it was a little bigger, and its MP3 player a little beefier? Then check out the LG J10HD Home Cinema, which adopts the same glorious style of LG’s famous designer phone, and adds a 150W sub-woofer, two 75W speakers, 80GB hard disk and DV player. […]

Mar 15, 2007

CeBIT 2007: LinkSys KiSS 1600 media receiver adds DVD player

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LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver at CeBIT 2007

It’s CeBIT time, and LinkSys have been showing off their new LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver (why don’t these media receiver companies give their products some decent names?!). Following hot on the heels of NetGear’s Digital Entertainer HD, the KiSS 1600 is another media receiver that connects to your PC wirelessly, indexes all your […]