Sep 3, 2010

Got Sonos? Love Spotify? Get Excited!

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Sonos wireless music system

What’s better than having one of the premier multiroom music systems in your home? How about a never ending record collection to go with it? That’sd what Sonos owners can now do, as the Sonos multiroom music system will now hook up with the £9.99 ad-free premium service available to Spotify customers, joining Last.FM to […]

Sep 2, 2010

Sony Qriocity vs Apple iTunes – Fight!!

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Sony Qriocity

Sony has decided that it wants a bit of Apple’s download pie, and is launching the-difficult-to-say “Qriocity” service in Europe in autumn. Qriocity (it’s as hard to type as it is to say) combines a music and video service geared towards its full range of networked technology.

Sep 2, 2010

Apple goes for a slice of social pie with Ping

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Apple Ping

Have you ever wanted to know what your friends are listening to on iTunes? Have you wanted to browse your friend’s music collection, see what concerts they are going to, what they’ve bought or reviewed? Well Apple think you do, and like a giant hypnotoad they will make you want to by introducing Ping into […]

Sep 2, 2010

Is the Sony Bloggie Touch the blogger’s perfect video cam?

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Sony Bloggie Touch

With a name like the Sony Bloggie Touch, you don’t have to be a genius to work out Sony’s demographic for their cute little video camera. Aimed squarely at bloggers, the Bloggie Touch comes with a touch screen, and a 3″ capacitive one at that! That’s not the only trick it’s got up its sleeve […]

Sep 2, 2010

6 TVs with YouTube – making the TV social again

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If you’ve never thought of a TV with YouTube, it might be time to give it some thought. TV is going through a transformation the likes of which it’s not seen since the birth of Satellite TV. New Internet TVs don’t just give you a TV with YouTube – they give you a whole new […]

Aug 26, 2010

Is Apple about to launch a new iPod Touch?

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iPod Touch 4 Digitizer

The invites are out and the event is now official, Apple will be hosting a music related event on 1st September in San Franciso, USA. Top of the rumour tree is a new iPod Touch, and this fourth generation is whispered to be the most social of iPods yet.

Aug 25, 2010

Kodak EASYSHARE M590 camera – so social, it even remembers Orkut

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Looks like Kodak are on a social media roll this week with the Playtouch camcorder and now the EASYSHARE (their caps, not mine) M590. The EASYSHARE M590 is outwardly a simple point-and-shooter that, while looking like the Kodak Disc cameras of the past, packs in a herd of modern web technology that those nice people […]

Aug 25, 2010

Record, upload and playback video with YouTube Mobile and a Samsung Galaxy S

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YouTube mobile

The web’s foremost video site, Google’s YouTube, has revamped its mobile site for the first time since its launch in 2007. Using the much hyped HTML5, the site is built from the ground up for modern smartphone browsers such as the WebKit-based browsers found on devices like the iPhone and Android phones. Google claim to […]

Aug 25, 2010

Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder boasts fire & forget sharability

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Kodak PlayTouch pocket camcorder

Kodak, one of the biggest names in camera history has announced the new Kodak Playtouch pocket camcorder. The Playtouch has full 1080p high definition recording for capturing those “oh my god” moments we all experience on some of life’s more um, lively nights out, and with the Playtouch you don’t need to mess around searching […]

Aug 23, 2010

6 gadgets to bring Last.FM into your Living Room

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gadgets to stream Last.FM to your Hi-Fi

Last.FM is an intelligent Internet Radio station that streams millions of tunes, tailored to your tastes, direct to your PC for free. But what if you want those tunes piped through your expensive home HiFi instead? Simple: get one of these 5 glorious gadgets that stream Last.FM to your stereo, and the perfect radio station […]