Summary of HDTV Info

30 April 2007 No Comment

So there you have it then – All the HDTV info you could possibly need. Complicated, isn’t it? Sometimes you wonder just why newer technologies are invented when they make life so unbelievably more complex than the technologies they replaced. But then you just look at the picture of an HDTV screen, and you know it’s all worthwhile!

As ever with technologies so complex, you’ll need to do you homework before you buy – check out the reviews on the model you want, for example, and see it in action at a shop before you buy it.

For more information on HDTV, check out the following sites and pages:

  1. 1). HDTV Formats and Resolutions
  2. 2). HDTV Connections – from HDMI to Composite Video
  3. 3). HDTV Sources – Hi-Def DVD players, Games Consoles, Cable and Internet
  4. 4). HDTV Aspect Ratios
  5. 5). HDTV Plasma TVs vs HDTV LCD TV – which is best?
  6. 6). HDTV Info Summary

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