Summary of Media Streaming Technologies

24 March 2007 No Comment

Well, that’s the conclusion of this little round-up of media streaming (and transfer) technology, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. The whole market is currently in flux as manufacturers seek to work out which is the best and most intuitive way of moving content from one device to another.

Wi-Fi will obviously predominate for years to come, simply because many homes have it now. Whether you choose to use Wi-Fi in a STB, your HD-TV or Hi-Fi, a dedicated media streamer, or your XBox, is a decision you’ll have to make based on what’s best for you. You can find out what the different types of technology offer by browsing our articles and archives.

As far as the other technologies are concerned, UPnP has been around for some time, but the addition of DLNA will see an explosion in devices that support both of these standards. My bet is you’ll hear more about DLNA than UPnP, though, as UPnP disappears into the background as an enabling technology. Like Bluetooth on phones, you just assume it’s there.

DLNA will be the real driver for this level of interconnection simply because of its greater emphasis on sharing mobile phone content. Being able to transfer content between phones as well as between home gadgets is DLNA’s killer app. However, 2007 will be the start of products emerging that support DLNA, but 2008 will be when the market becomes flooded with them.

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