Kodak EASYSHARE M590 camera – so social, it even remembers Orkut

25 August 2010 No Comment Ian McGurren

Looks like Kodak are on a social media roll this week with the Playtouch camcorder and now the EASYSHARE (their caps, not mine) M590.

The EASYSHARE M590 is outwardly a simple point-and-shooter that, while looking like the Kodak Disc cameras of the past, packs in a herd of modern web technology that those nice people at Kodak have included for your social delictation.
So what tricks does the EASYSHARE (it really feels like I’m shouting this) M590 have in the world’s thinnest digital camera? Well, technically speaking it has a 14 megapixels through the military-sounding Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens, all displayed on the 2.7″ LCD screen.

All very impressive but the EASYSHARE (blimey…) M590 also packs a fair social punch with uploading to Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and even Orkut (remember that? Well, you will if you’re Brazillian as that’s the only country left who actually still uses Google’s ancient social network) – very comprehensive. It even talks to a Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame.

The EASYSHARE M590 IS DUE FOR is due for (sorry!) release in Autumn in a variety of fancy shades for around $200 stateside with Europe to follow.

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