3 award winning iPod docks

14 December 2010 No Comment Mike Evans

iPod docks have been around almost as long as the iPod itself, but some are head and shoulders above the rest of the field. We’ve rounded up three very different iPod docks that blast your tunes out at neighbour-annoying volume and – crucially – keep the quality of the music exactly as it was intended.

The three iPod docks below have each won awards and have been rated highly by What Hi-Fi for their excpetional sound quality, so you know your tunes are not going to be spoiled by tinny treble or super-weak bass!
Arcam rCube

Arcam rCube iPod Dock

This brilliant iPod dock goes further than any other. It’s made by Arcam, who are well known in hi-fi circles, so it sounds crystal clear. It’s got 2x50W amps on board, so can pump out sounds loud enough to get your neighbours complaining. It’s completely portable, so you can put it wherever you want, inside or outside, and have it play for up to 4 hours on a single charge. And it’ll even stream your tunes wirelessly from your PC (with the addition of a streaming dongle), meaning it’s not limited to the tunes on your iPod.

Best of all, though, it’s all completely controllable from your iPhone.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gadget for your Christmas or New Year party – or just the ultimate gadget for the ultimate iPod lover – this is it.

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KitSound Boom Dock

KitSound Boom Dock
The gloriously named Kitsound Boom Dock is a much simpler beast than the previous iPod docks. It is, as its name implies, an iPod dock and nothing more, but one that can deliver a real – well, boom!

In fact, that’s the reason this little beauty features in this list. It may be simply, but you won’t find a better iPod dock for this price. It produces deep, deep bass in glorious quality that simply can’t be beaten by any other iPod dock less than £150 – yet the Boom Dock is less than £80!

With 22W of power, it’s plenty loud enough, and with an AM/FM radio, line inputs for plugging other sources into it, a clock radio feature and even a remote control, it’s the best value iPod pressie you’ll find if you want an ipod gadget on a budget.

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Epoz AktiMate Mini

These glorious white speakers are active, meaning you don’t need to plug them into an amp to get your tunes sounding nice and loud. Instead, the come with an ampl built-in, so you can plug your PC, MP3 player or iPod directly into them via their 3.5mm line input connectors or buillt-in iPod dock, and get immediate 40W per channel punchy sound.
Epoz AktiMate Mini
Great bass, plenty of detail and loads of simplicity – perfect for the iPod music lover who wants their tunes sounding glorious.

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