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Oct 13, 2008

Twinned MP3 player forces James Blunt on you

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Twinned MP3 player

If your significant other is just as much a gadget freak as you are, then you might want to think about the Twinned MP3 player. As you can see from the pic, the Twinned is actually two MP3 players in one,and can snap apart so that you both get one half of the device. Each […]

Oct 2, 2008

JVC developing 300 inch 3D HDTV

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Seems like this week is 3D TV week! Hot on the heels of the Philips 3D BluRay player comes news of stunning new 3D TV technology from Victor Company of Japan (aka JVC) and Japan’s NICT. The new display is a full HD TV that can display 3D images without the need for special glasses. […]

Oct 2, 2008

Hitachi goes Wooo with WiFi streaming HD Camcorder

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Hitachi Wooo WiFi Camcorder

Hitachi have been showing off a prototype of a new, and gloriously named Hitachi Wooo camcorder at this year’s CEATEC Japan 2008 exhibition. The new Wooo is an HD camcorder with built-in WiFi that can stream live HD pictures to your TV over your WiFi connection. The Wooo also supports the increasingly-popular DLNA, which is […]

Oct 2, 2008

Philips demos 3D Blu-Ray player

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Philips WoWvx 3D Blu-Ray technology

Philips have been showing off their new and amusingly-titled Philips WoWvx technology, which is a 3D TV technology. Before you groan about dodgy looking glasses, Philips’s approach can be used both with and without glasses. It’s what the company’s calling “2D-plus-depth”, meaning it’s not true 3D, but just 2D images with the illusion of depth […]

Oct 2, 2008

Secret Sony Ericsson wireless audio system leaked

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Sony Ericsson wireless audio system

Here’s something you don’t see every day – mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson are working on a top secret wireless audio system. Details are scarce at the moment (and pictures, annoyingly, even scarcer), but apparently the new audio system will feature 2.1 audio with subwoofer, FM radio, bass and treble controls (which you’d kind of […]

Sep 11, 2008

Mitsubishi futuristic laser TVs get a price

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Mitsubishi laservue tv

Earlier in the year we got quite excited by the new Mitsubishi Laservue TVs due out this fall. The range of televisions in the Laservue range are unique because they use lasers to project the image on the screen which is cool in itself, but it also turns out this method of image projection is […]

Aug 28, 2008

The 16 next-gen gadgets you'll want to buy in 2009

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Its been a great year already for home entertainment gadgets, but what’s in store for next year? You might think it too soon to ask, but with with the IFA consumer electronics show in full swing, all the major gadget manufacturers are showing off their wares and setting out their stalls for next year. So, […]

Aug 18, 2008

Google's Set Top Boxes offer Android TV

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Google Android Set Top Box

Google have recently begun expanding beyond the world of the Web to the more portable world of the mobile phone, with their imminent new platform called Android. Designed to compete with Windows Mobile, Symbian and Apple’s iPhone platforms, Android is part of Google’s strategy to expand the Web beyond its current desktop-bound existence. However, it […]

Jul 30, 2008

New iPod Touch and iPod Nano

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new iPod Touch

The new iPhone 3G is out of the way, but technology is continually moving forwards so it is not much of a surprise that just as Apple get iPhone out the way, the rumours about new iPods has started. Both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch are due for an upgrade, whilst there aren’t […]

Jul 23, 2008

3D holograms will replace HDTV

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3D hologram

When I saw the second Back to the Future with the holomax and the hologram of the cartoon Jaws attacking people as they went by, I wish that technology was available now! 3D holograms floating in the air always seemed magical when seen in movies like Star Wars but they may be a reality sooner […]