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Jul 4, 2008

Ovei Pod destroys society?

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Ovei Pod

Looks like a giant shinny egg but don’t worry, scientist haven’t created 50ft chickens to solve world hunger it is just an Ovei Pod. Launched at CEDIA, the pod provides an enclosed space where you can get away from it all and watch your favourite South Park episode or enjoy a bit of game play […]

Jul 2, 2008

RAmos iMovie T8 has Video

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RAmos iMovie

iMovie…. mmm… now where have I heard a name like that before? Anyway that aside, the RAmos iMovie T8 has the best screen-to-frame ratio in any MP4 player. As you can see from the picture the 4.3 inch touch screen takes up most of the face. Read on to see the video.

Jul 1, 2008

Sneak Peek: Creative ZEN X-Fi Portable Media Player

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Creative ZEN X-Fi PMP

I can’t wait to try out the Creative ZEN X-Fi, a series of portable media players with all the usual features but it is the built in Wi-Fi and sound manipulation features which have sparked the biggest interest. The Wi-fi in particular will open up the way into the future of potable media player. Read […]

Jun 26, 2008

Mitusbishi builds a laser TV, Tomorrow's World is excited

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Mitsubishi LaserVue laser TV

Mitsubishi has announced a new range of TVs that sound seriously cool. Called the Mitsubishi LaserVue, the new HDTVs use laser to project the image onto the back of the screen. The resultant picture is apparently much better at rendering blacks and whites than either LCD or plasma, and can project twice the number of […]

Apr 20, 2007

Microsoft working on next-gen home entertainment system

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Microsoft Multi-Component Gaming System network home entertainment centre

A new Microsoft patent reveals the company’s plans to quite literally take over every conceivable home entertainment device in your home, combining them all into one huge distributed home entertainment network. The patent shows a “console” (presumably an XBox 360 or a next-gen XBox) being the central hub of the network, communicating with dozens of […]